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  1. these so deserved the right to be brought back KELP -- TM7 http://freephoto-i.net/users/994/8635'> WAND -- TM7 http://freephoto-i.net/users/994/8637'> as for those bullshit talkers, i swear if graffiti had laws you would be banned for life, i wouldn't be surprised if you didnt even write at all, you probably just come on here cause you dont have a life
  2. and the only people that deserve the props on here are got, those daim flicks, and sarif's sketch and one of those relek's sketches.
  3. Re: Show Respect!!! thank you, i was gonna say this but i know these kids wont listen, so i might as well agree with you all im seeing on here is conversation, the same thing that goes on in paper chase day after day. i really could care less, but its stupid to see one of the best threads go to such a waste, and for what? a simple argument that is gonna prove nothing, you all are on the internet, thats the most pathetic way to argue, i highly doubt your gonna look cool arguing on the internet, that shows alot about someone. i know most of these kids on here are going to ask for my work before they can exept my opinion, thats how bad this board has gotten, if i have dope work all these kids will just be up on my testicles, and if its shitty work their gonna disrespect as if they have something better to put out. dont even bother asking for my work, its not gonna be posted here and i dont want kids bitting it. every one is one every one elses jock, that sad and pathetic, alot of the kids on here make me wish that graffiti had its own law system, but the kids dont even care about graffiti, they care about impressing the girls that sits next to them in class with the pimples and braces and the speech impediment. this is so depressing, i wish all of the graffiti forums and web sites would be shut down for like a year, all of those kids would be nothing, cause they live on the internet, unless its your job then thats sad. im not even gonna go one about this, this thread has litterally gone to shit, i dont think its possible to bring it back, i think its best if it gets locked so no one can make it any worse, all those other writers on here from way back then, now look bad cause of this shit. dont even reply to thins, i made it bad enough just with this post alone, but im just telling it how it is.
  4. thats cool how you all got eachothers back and all, but this is the training bible, this is for highly skilled masterpeices, this was supposed to be brought back to life, i dont see that happening, your supposed to post in the "please help me make paper chase not suck" thread, get approval in there, this bible is going to shit and making all those other bad ass peices look......bad. your contribution is great, but just not in this thread.
  5. thats why people post in the approval thread before posting here(please help me make paper chase not suck, thread) i dont know how these sketches got here but this shit is going downhill, i dont know if this whole bringing it back to life thing is gonna work!
  6. this guy deserves his props just for the fact that he has the skill to show up most of the people on here and has the ability to compete with the top dawgs on here! the fact that its on a wall or not doesn't matter although that would look sick in aerosol. if you want to see his/her walls then look around in the brick slayers section, if you cant find any then there must be some reason why he/she doesnt have them up in there! no dis just trying to save the man some words, unless you really do have some wall flix that your eager to show us, care to share?
  7. if you already know you suck then why would you post? dont go around asking for help, you dont need help, are you in a special eduacation program? all you need is seconds and minutes and hours and days and years of practice. just practice, practice, PRACTICE! i dont want to sound like an ass but i see this every day, you dont need help and neither does anyone else, im telling you straight out that practice makes perfect, if you practice enough you could be seeing results very soon.
  8. well i do live in the US, i dont think that makes a difference. i cant say if any gangs these days use stencils or not, i know that they didn't back then.
  9. i know your just trying to make me look stupid, and thats cool if your just trying to impress someone but i didnt say graffiti was only around for 8 years, im saying in those 8 years i've learned most of the history.
  10. are you telling me to learn my history? trust me, i know my history, and i know it well, i've been in the graffiti art scene for over 8 years so i think i can say i do know my history, and if graffiti wasn't derived from gangs then who or what was it from? im not even gonna waiste my time going into an argument over this.
  11. a gang should'nt take pride in their writting, they only take pride in the territory they claimed, thats the main reason they did graffiti, real gangsters aren't in it for the fame they do it to show that they've marked their spot, thats the real gang graffiti, they dont look for styles alothough they all have something similar......but all gangs are different!
  12. your not the only one with that style, and you may have come up with that in your head, but the credit all goes to the person who threw it up first, im not gonna call you a biter cause im not in your shoes, i cant say wether your lying or not, so im gonna assume your telling the truth, but other tahn that its looking good!
  13. 1-2 weeks? naw, try 3-4 months, maybe longer, but 1-2 weeks of day and night practice isnt enough to come back on and post more, if your looking for help(which you dont need, all it takes is practice) then yes, maybe coe back in a month, it takes longer to show improvement, unless you dont go to school and have no job and you practice day and night non-stop, then you would be showing improvement in about 2-3 weeks.
  14. NO CRYBABIES ALLOWED... http://community.webshots.com/photo/4015402/4015526OEWTBrXuGd'> i wasn't trying to diss you, which is why i put "no offense", if your gonna whine and cry about little things that people tell you then this isn't the scene for you, im telling you right now to get out of graffiti cause obviously you were'nt in the scene long enough to know how much critisizm and judgment there will follow after every little peice of work you make whether you like it or not. im not calling him a toy because i dont know the person and the only way to know if someone is a toy is to know there atittude and the way they act. but i do think that, that sketch lacks alot of skill. thats cool if thats his own style and everything but a style has to represent yourself and 99.9% of the time its pure skills and abilities. im not being negative, im just being straight out, im not gonna say it looks alright cause it looks like shit to me, im not gonna lie, and to me i wouldnt even bother posting that up in the Bible, your gonna get smashed worse then the words that im spitting right now. and you say your sick of motherfuckers like me! huh, im sick of mother fuckers like you, always posting up work with phrases like "skills from down under" as if the sketch actually contained skill and you act like someones gonna actually like it, PRACTICE you ignorant fool, dont act like your the shit trying to tell me that, that sketch will burn me, thats not even funny, that shows that you dont know shit, if you've never seen one sketch of mine, how are you gonna tell me that i can get burned by anyone, dont speak upon words that tell no truth. and this is a graffiti based website, this isnt no art museum with a bunch of stuck up shit packing child molesters, no ones gonna sit on their ass and turn their heads to the side, back away and then look at the sketch again and try to say that the artist was feeling pain and that he was being creative and then say they like it. this is graffiti, that bullshit doesnt pass, its about skill fool, dont tell me what i do and dont know about graffiti art, judging by the way you talk to me, i know more than you do kid, i've been in the scene for almost 9 years and i know alot more than you do. this subject drops right now, this is the internet, its pathetic that i even have to reply to your immature bullshit talking and nothing was started and nothings being solved, its over..............
  15. these last two post are a good exapmle of what should go on in the Training Bible.......and what should not. the hecz sketch belongs in the Training Bible, that last sketch, well no offense but that belongs in the "toys post here" thread. ima go thread digging and find the Traingin Bible so we can start it up again before this become a part two or something.
  16. its not paper chase that im worried about, its the Training Bible that im worried about, paper chase can suck as much as it wants to, but i think the Training Bible should be kept in mint condition. i want every post in the training bible to have a nice clean dope sketch, without replies like thats dope, unless that reply is gonna contain a sketch. and i dont want replies like "oh i'll get some sketches in as soon as i get my scanner working" dont think just do it.
  17. $1 for an onyx pen???? i pay nothing because my brother works in a fancy office so he gives me boxes of 12 like whenever i want them and his office just re-stockes them so its free for me, and i get them in red, blue, and black, i think they got all the colors too! but an onyx sold separately is only like .30 cents depending on where you buy it and if its sold separately. but they run out way to quick and sometimes they are like wal-mart paint and they skip lines, like sausage links, and the ink doesnt always flow right.
  18. it was crazy how he got kids to become nazi's by giving them puppies and making them become freinds with the puppies and then he made the kids kill the dogs, this was to show that were loyal to the cult, i thought this was some messed up shit but what can you do?
  19. aright, im down to bring the training bible back up and running in full effect. i know theres maybe about over 20 people on this board that can submit (with skill, no beef, no bullshit) starting with some from mr.e and dorkstar, i dont want to make any promises too soon but im not to fond of posting my work on the net for various reasons but i'll see what i can do, and for sure i can get some of my homies pages down and i'll get a hold of some other black books.
  20. exactly, i was'nt going to mention it because i was afraid of two things, kids would thread-dig and post their work in there that should'nt be in there, or i would end up seeing skills of those writers in the training bible in some one elses sketches. but im am gonna have to say with confidence that the training bible thread is the best thread in paper chase ever to be created, and the way things are looking, i think its gonna stay like that but i wouldnt mind being proved wrong! ;)
  21. sharpie pens are good, but anyone who says they mess up when they use them then thats just saying you need more expirience with it, you must be quick with a sharpie, or any ink flow pen/marker for that matter. it all depends on what you are doing with the colors or outline or whatever have you. some types of marker pens you cant mix, so its kinda complicated, my advice is figure it out on your own, its not hard, use what you like best, everyone likes different things including sketching materials.
  22. im with mr.e, i've floated this board for around 3 years, something like that. this board was like the celebrity graff board that got even me wet. and now this board is just nothing but conversation and begginers, theres nothing wrong with begginers but whats the point of asking for help if most of the people on here are the ones that need help, no dis to the ones who are skilled and still with the board but it seems that his board turned into so much beef and bullshit that the dope kids left. i remembered when people from FX and TM7 would roll up on this board, and that's just a little bit of what was on here. and the sketches that got posted are the kind that give veiwers multiple siezures and make others go mentally insane just from looking at them. i want to see this site to get back to its older roots but i honestly dont know if thats possible with what it consists of now i.e all the beef and hatred and no offense but lack of skill. this site is more conversation than graffiti, yeah a chanel zero is okay in some ways but is sometimes the origin of beef and plus its mostly one kids who starts a thread for one sketch that looks the same as the last one they posted the day before and asks for more help, PRACTICE, im sick of all that shit, kids think skills come over night. im going off topic but the point is that one sketch will get 3 pages full of comments that have nothing to do with it. on the real: i could care less about a website, its the interent, back when i was starting we didnt even have computers let alone magazines, i made my way through with pure skill, not bitten or borrowed, just my own styles and from that i have much to be proud of, but not stuck up for. and from this i am sure of it that beef will follow these words as well as everyone elses, its the way people are today, but for those who got beef with me, well then your only way of taking it up with me is on the streets.
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