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  1. bwahahahhahhaaaaa! Even the internet itself clowns you!:D :D :D
  2. do you mean HOOKER convention? GODDAMNIT! Tell your mom I'm sorry. I totally forgot I told her I'd be her date. I really hope she found somebody else to go, with her being nominated for that award and all, I'd like to know she had somebody that she at least knew their name to go back in the alley and celebrate with if she won. Tell her I'll make it up to her, but I'd really rather not include your sister and the family dog this time.
  3. weaksauce, you gonna let me win that easily?
  4. You are absolutely right...it is NONE of your concern. And just so that you know, nobody here gets worked up about internet shit talk (except AOD and his girl). Lighten up, dont take the internet so seriously, and give us a little credit for being smart enough not to blow spots, identities and the such. P.S. I'm starting the Soer's Kids Foundation. Its for writers who desperately need a sense of humor. Please Scan your money, and send it as many times as you'd like to SuperSoer@hotmail.com . Thanks in advance.
  5. No, big bad Angel of Death, I wasnt talking to, or about you. I was talking about the members of KOS that are considered to be REAL members by their crewmates. Of those, who paints besides Ugly, Apes, and Ero? please dont answer, it was a rhetorical question, I already know the answer. **scuse me, I forgot Joce and Scar, but I was mainly thinkin baltimore.**
  6. you're one crazy honkey, "bombin ghettos"! The only time you set foot in those neighborhoods is when you're carrying Z's paint. Theres no skill in that fool, shit I got caught bombin in one of the city's worst hoods, and was let go cause the knockers had better shit to do. That shit might impress your white bread catholic school buddies, but it dont do shit for me man. Try gettin up in areas that have more cops per square inch than your sister got crabs in her ass hair. Sweat you.....hardly, but your name do stay in more punchlines than your crew stays indoors these days. Yeah, you know I wish I could pull girls like you do. If only I was as purty as you, Son of Sloth, or maybe if I did something cool like you...what is it you do besides some bullshit throws, and jerk off to Iron Maiden videos? Please allow me to live vicariously through you, and there might be some lunch money in it for you.:rolleyes:
  7. awwww cracka pleeeez. STD gets no shit drawn for them, dont sleep. Just a suggestion but next time maybe you shouldnt stray so far from the original idea. I'm glad you didnt put none of that garbage up while you were down here. and well, the last lesbian that beat me was your moms, but that was off, not up, so if that counts then yeah I'm gettin it on the daily. I caught one of your trains a couple of months ago, I gotta hand it to ya, you did a decent job fillin in that outline Apes did for you. keep up the good work, you might be somebody one day.
  8. I think you spoke too soon....oh well, meca and dyer will get that shit back again. word b-mo, bring the shit talk back home, man I miss the boards. :D
  9. Think about it this way... I recently changed my point of view on our actions in the Middle East. I was once very opposed, and thought that were we attacking the region purely out of imperialistic greed. The fact is though, like it or not, WE ARE THE WORLDS LEADER. All the rest of you countries should thank god that we are and we lead as justly as possible. Sure we've bled that region of most of its oil, for our SUV's, but we made those people rich beyond anyone's wildest dreams in the process. We could have straight jacked that shit, we have always been powerful enough to do that, but we dont. Yes we have an agressive/assertive nature, but we are in no way dictators. How would you guys like it if Hussain, or Castro, or any other Dictator for that matter had the number 1 military power in the world. Fuckin cry all you want, we wipe your ass and feed you, cause we are cool like that. The fact is Terrorists attacked our country. Sadaam, and others, finance Anti-American terrorism. We have no choice but to take a stand and make a point simply to maintain the world order. Lets let all the terrorist factions feel like they can do whatever they want with no consequences, and then see how you bitch. Someone has to lead, and others have to follow, thats just plain human nature. Be happy that a country that, for the most part, looks out for the welfare of EVERYONE ELSE, is sitting on top of that heirarchy. You cant please, or get along with everybody, no matter how hard you wish for it in your idealistic little hippy head. Sometimes (just like you do on a personal level) a country has to look out for itself first just to ensure its own survival. As long as we are on top, please believe there will be contenders for the crown, but trust that we WILL NOT FALL, and Austrailia will never tun into an island of slave labor for Sadaam Hussain. We got your back whether you like it or not, homey.
  10. http://members.aol.com/rustneverrestsX/evil.jpg'> Prime example of why I fuckin hate Hippies! Some asshole treehugger must of thought it would be groovy to give Eddie Munster some liquid, and now I have to worry about bumpin into this freak in the yard.:mad:
  11. http://www.baltimoreburners.com/freakfreight4.jpg'> god, this dude kills it every time
  12. ahhhhh, jagermeister. Be prepared to get your ass kicked by someone more sober than you. Trust you will have asked for it.
  13. hahahhaaaaaah, I didnt see that the first time around. I mean I was thinking I too would hit it, but now I dont know. Getting clowned in a picture by a hippy obviously means you are one serious HERB. Bunny ears reign supreeme!
  14. The whole electoral process is a sham. Who's to say who actually won any of the elections. We as complacent americans, watch the boob tube on election night, assume that they are reporting fact, and welcome the "winner" through blind faith. whatever. On a side note, I heard a radio commercial this morning for the Air Force. Its basically saying that due to the economy going to shit, nobody will be able to get a job, so why not join the armed forces. hmmmmm? Is it possible that the recession is a tool to help restock the war machine so that we can go colonize Iraq and rape them of their oil and poppy fields? Fuck it all. I say lets party. Its all just a matter of time before we are sucked into the massive black hole that the quazar we call the Sun is dissapearing into. Looks like we are gonna kill each other first though. Hooray for ignorance.
  15. That flick doesnt even do it justice man. I caught that one the other day, its fresher than you can imagine.
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