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  1. actually, this kid just walked by when we were painting the wall and asked to try. so rekey nsf helped him with the 3-d if he put him up. maybe you're just racist. because i could also say every fucking white dude from the suburbs thinks he can write Quoted post [/b] thats exactly what i was thinking. white people automatically associate black people with the ghetto, or consider certain areas ghetto if it is predominatly black. most of the time they don't even realize that they are being judgemental.
  2. fuck nike...i'm bummed that these dudes would support such a fucked up company. graff writers shouldn't be working for corporationshttp://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/style_images/2/folder_post_icons/icon21.gifhttp://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/style_images/2/folder_post_icons/icon21.gif
  3. I think that most writers who bomb on murals do so because they know that there won't be any repercussions, and the fact that it won't be buffed due to it being on a mural. But at the same time none of these mural dissing hardcore bombers would ever fuck with any graff murals because they would have to face the heat. In the long run it ends up biting all of us in the ass. The community starts to get involved, and arrests have to be made. Artists fighting artists is a lame battle. I say to all of you harcore mural dissing bombers, go find your own spots, and stop spot jocking these poor hippies. Or if you are going to diss murals, then don't be a pussy and only diss hippie murals, find your balls and diss a MSK or ICP mural. But I doubt that will happen. :gaga:
  4. they are probably doing community service for other crimes that they've done. I've done it, I had to buff a bunch of my own shit. At first it's annoying, but then I started to realize that everything in the world runs in cycles. Graff has become part of our social ecosystem. Don't do graffiti if you don't want to see it get buffed. Or try harder to find spots that can't be buffed.
  5. constructive if i could go back and start again i would rack everything before i turned 18, and this is very important. if you don't know what rack means, it's steal everything you can, esspecially paint. also do alot of dirt before you turn 18. paint everynight that you can. fuck what everyone says about not painting, the more you paint, the better you will get. practice makes perfect. keep your shit very simple until you get to a point where you feel you can expand into more complex ideas. use bold outlines and learn about color theory. get used to people talking shit to you, but mainly behind your back. graff writers are a bunch of criminal assholes, so don't trust any of them. its better to keep to yourself anyway because you will be less likely to get busted. i would go into more detail about painting tactics (like how to get on roof tops and shit, but the pigs are watching us right now) don't post shit on here that the cops can use against you. they are watching, i've been to jail, and through community service, and we saw the vandal squad on 12ozprophet. they will try to lure you out by asking you questions on here. i know that some people might talk shit on me writing this, so here is a premptive "fuck you" to all of the haters.
  6. Rocky3

    Graff Girls

    i thought that girls only filled in thier mans piece while he drinks his beer
  7. big ups to all the SDV cats, struggling through. free TROOKS, and fuck all faggots who shoot up peoples parents houses in the middle of the night.
  8. Rocky3

    Graff Girls

    so far every girl that i have met that writes graff, or that is pointed out to me, are very goodlooking. i wonder if facet is fine?? she can paint hella good.........i like that last one the most
  9. anybody got any trews or miter flicks? free trews
  10. seeing the history of graff allways reminds of why i write, and for a split second i forget about all of the crew drama, rivals and beef in general. these images are motivating, thank you...........
  11. Re: KOSE-HTF is this the same kose that went to dos pueblos?
  12. straight up, this is one of the illest things i've seen in a long time........innovative graff...........
  13. fuckin ecks is locked up right now, and not even the outsiders know that......... lets just hope that he doesn't get a felony..................outsiders por vida
  14. your flicks came out nada
  15. yo post some of my better shit.........you know who i am...........definately
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