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  1. I personally don't think Charlie Lee is all that shady. He's just a nerd who should've hired some PR. Homeboy is hella awkward.
  2. via Imgflip Meme Generator Tried making my first meme but there already is one.
  3. Niketalk’s crypto thread is 600+ pages. But the majority of the site consists of young kids buying and reselling kicks so it would make sense that they would get that much traffic.
  4. after all this my profit margin is still at 99% so I guess I shouldn't be upset. I have such little stake that it's hardly life changing.
  5. Good to be back. Site looks great. My wife and I always do the quick maths on what coulda, shoulda, woulda... Good idea with the making multiple logins. I was reading on another forum, some dude is building a bot to arbitrage trade. That seems like free money to me. Haven't sold anything for FIAT yet, just been buying at the dips and holding. Fucked up last night tho, bought a fraction of btc at 11,400 and that shit went below 10,000 last night and today. I'm tight but at least it was lower than the last time i bought. I need time for research for the alts but work is getting in the way. need to work to buy coins. catch 22. Asia is about to wake up in an hour. Are they buying or selling???
  6. Yikes... I'm TEAM HODL tho. Who's shopping this fire sale today? Might cop some LTC if it goes under $150 and maybe some more BTC.
  7. Still hodling the little amount of coins I have (i have the big 3). Which is the easiest and best exchange. I'm on coinbase now but want to get into the alts. Heard Binance is good. @Mercer @misteraven Thanks for the knowledge (wisdom and understanding). I'm about to cop some more during this dip. Are you guys HODLing? @Mercer Haven't seen you in IG for a minute. I'm assuming it's because you're getting all this CREAM. My handle is CLICKCLACKONER.
  8. So I'm sure you all have seen the hype and recent gains from bitcoin and other alt coins. I was able to grab small amounts of bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum when the upswing was starting. I would like to purchase some Ripple/ XRP but buying it is cunty as fuck. I think the easiest way to purchase XRP is buying it with LTC. If anybody has insight in this please chime in. Also when buying alt coins with other alt coins does that become a tax event? It never changed to USD so my assumption is that it's not a tax event. Meaning, I don't want to get taxed capital gains.
  9. Can somebody explain why BTC almost hit 20k this morning? I have heard it should go back down to normal when Future Market (somebody school me on this as well) launches this month. I got very little invested in BTC, LTC and ETH. My boss is telling me XRP is the way to go though.
  10. Checking in. JesusMachine was my first name on here back nearly 15+ years ago. Then it was CLICK-CLACK but that account doesn't exist anymore.
  11. the police in nyc been hating on the mayor over a lot of shit. including mandatory cameras on the popo's person. They loved a bloomberg cuz he was pro stop and frisk which is fucking racist as shit. seen that first hand when i (not black or hispanic) was chillin' on the block and popo rolled up and did the whole up against the wall biz. There was about 10 of us and the 2 white homies and I just kept on walking.
  12. I'll have to agree that Gone Girl was a good flick. Holy shit, thot was psycho.
  13. The fantasy part is what totally ruined this movie for me. Also, a lot of the science and physics flew over my simple head.
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