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  1. Those are indeed former Chicago METRA trains; MARC got them from Virginia VRE. You can also find these cast-off Chicago "Gallery" bilevel cars in Nashville and Salt Lake City.
  2. Now that is REAL Mexican food, people.
  3. Muffler by Crunchy Pickle, on Flickr Serene and Deceive from Phoenix; Telow by Pickle; Defoe.AWC from England
  4. the yard by Crunchy Pickle, on Flickr Two years on, and nobody has got a runner on these puppies yet???
  5. Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE) AEG dmu 520 157/257 on local service 1539 from Halkida departing to Rentis depot . Athens Larissa Station Attika 11/9/2010 Image copyright: Dimitrios Papadopoulos Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE) Stadler GTW 560 107/207 on train to Kiato at Athens station. Athens Larissa Station Attika 11/9/2010 Image copyright: Dimitrios Papadopoulos
  6. cpickle


    8 inch timbs, i been rockin em since before kanye was born
  7. old Chicago cars now sitting outside Salt Lake City
  8. cpickle


    stolen - MBTA commuter train
  9. ok these are bart, but still. 2005.
  10. "arrowhead" (ceramic drill bit) or anything dremel with diamond also see scribes group on flickr
  11. cpickle


    timbs are still where it's at
  12. if you think your local system is impossible, and you won't do it, then... it won't get done by you. the converse is also true.
  13. nonsense, it's 5.5 grams of baking soda
  14. not much but here's a still from the news story, Lakers Win, LA Riots
  15. usa's newest commuter rail line... in Minneapolis... just now receiving its first cars... who's gonna get the gold medal on this one?
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