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  1. MASTERBATIng AND DRUG RITUALS, niggarific, sone sketches and WAS.>>> Cant Trust Women<<<
  2. Old ass SONE .. and old ass AQUA..still putting in work son!!
  3. STFU fag!!! No nobody asked you!! Go finger your cats
  4. A Funk is planning his next attack
  5. That barney looks more like grimace with down syndrome
  6. KP crew .. Keep practicing B.O.M.B crew .. Bored Outa My Brain
  7. I think A funk should post some black bookness
  8. Who isn't up in blackbirds bathroom.. I like places that just let shit ride and accept it!!
  9. Realness is underground MR Abstract
  10. Quit trying to validate your credibility by dropping first names on here..and quit riding dick cuz your asshole is gaped enough as it is!
  11. On a higher note, bump ARTISIK! And MOST of the above!! ^^^^^ ...BSTER.. Always remembered..never forgoten!!
  12. Dick too big to wearing them latex jeans! These muhfukas must be having a slit where they dick should be.. Wearing them faggot ass jeans
  13. lOL OhHHHH HELL noooooo TUESDAY !!!! You are the duckin maaaan
  14. I be loving dem firebirds
  15. the yellow submarines are classics and are ancient tablets of midwest history! RECOGNIZE ya fukin toys!
  16. bitchin camaro is MY new friend! love ya dog! keep em coming!
  18. peanit dick<---CANT SPELL.,LOL"spagetti dick bastard"casper dick" "baby arm size dick"wake up with my dick in your mouth" little dick" suck my dick fo a toaster" I hold my own dick like lil wayne" hop on my dick" ..well we all know whats in your ass and on your mind baby earl! ..DICK! DICK! AND MORE DICK! all that money and you still didnt get a breast reduction? and yo teefs fixed? and a membership to HAIR CLUB FOR MEN? ..you AINT shit! you know where the fuck I live FAG! you stayed there! but the minute you step foot here in the mil your getting put into a hospital..CHILDRENS HOSPTIAL infact! ..BITCH ASS NIGGER! you my friend are a NIGGGGGER! NIGGER BEING AN IGNORANT 2ND CLASS CITIZEN OF ANY RACE OR COLOR! and you fit that criteria! ..all that money???? DID YOU PAY OFF ALL THAT OUTSTANDING CHILD SUPPORT YOU DEAD BEAT DADDY??? YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS BUM! TYPICAL FATHERLESS BASTARD CARRYING ON THE FATHERLESS TRADITION! JUST LIKE EVRY OTHER DEADBEAT LOSER NIGGER DADDY! INFACT...I WONT EVEN CALL YOU DADDY! BECAUSE IN THE EYES OF A MOTHER YOU ARE NOT! I WONDER WHAT YOUR BASTARD ASS KID THINKS OF YOU!? ..does your mommy slap vicks on your tits and rub it in and tell you every thing gonna be alrite baby earl? you know where I live you fucking runaway slave ! runn nigga runn! I WILL PUT YOU IN A HOSPITAL ...BY MYSELF EARL..WITH MY BARE HANDS! JUST ME ALONE! SO.....SHUUUT THE FUUUCK UUUUUP!
  19. soo..oaks on pases dick..LIERALY! and oaks cant be banned? oaks the first offical OPENLY HOMOSEXUAL writer in milwaukee?! some people die famous..he will die nameless
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