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Everything posted by joe

  1. That ENTOR..and where's METR?and plus..I'd hit it
  2. Thanks fellas ! I know he loved peeping out 12oz and I know he's digging all the LOVE your all showing him! As he would yell.. SSSAAAAAGHHH..AAAGHHHH
  3. B S T E R ..n.. S W E R V
  4. ......... ....... ..... ... .. .
  5. Want some SALT on them nuts?
  6. that PAPER Is pure genius.
  7. Swordcock meatloaf is up inthis muhhfucka
  8. Don't fuck with white dudes that have corn rows chances are they have black friends that are GD FOLKS!
  9. ARTISTIKS hands look like catchers mits
  10. Where above does it say anything about RULES? huh??? Please copy and paste and show me! It's my opinion that I'm entitled to! Just as levar is entitled to post whatever he wants regardless of what peoples opinions are. PROBLEM?
  11. We WERE on a nice old school Milwaukee stroll..if I wanted to see other cities I would search them.
  12. I think A~Funk is in the midst of brewing up a post with the most!
  13. STAYING HIGH.. since 95! Nuuuckah! There's that fat house.. Thanks fat cock!
  14. George jetson tags nuggga!
  15. K A O T I K.. nugggga!! N O W crew nuggga! What nuggga?!?!?
  16. K A O T I K.. nugggga!! N O W crew nuggga! What nuggga?!?!?
  17. Go Diego go.. Rescue pack, comiiing to the rescue!
  18. All these old pics and STILLL havnt seen the PHAT HOUSE piece! And let's see some SPORE! or how about that MEXICO piece that was done above 6th street back in like 93 or 94.
  19. Keep them golden oldies coming my nucka
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