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  1. CAN2 ANYONE??? Lol cant believe noone caught that
  2. Here's my latest black ink recipe...it's simple, but the inks I'm using right now are difficult if not downright impossible to find. Some of them are on the Web, though, so if you are good at finding stuff there and persistent enough, you can find them or adequate substitutes. Here it is- I'll explain what each ink is, and what I think it does for the mix. A big hint I can give you is that I only use industrial grade, solvent based stamping inks...That's what all these are sold for, so if you find a good commercial rubber stamp source, you're in. As far as bluffing them into thinking you're legit, that's entirely up to you. Two parts Marsh T-Grade, black- for stencilling boxes and crates. I use this for its flat black color, and the drips. One part Garvey XT-70, black or violet- old school pricing gun/cash register ink- obsolete and hard to find. This is the stain. One part Aero Specialty ink, black- another commercial stamping ink that's acetone based. Rare, and expensive (about $32/pint). This adds opacity, and the acetone evaporates quickly so the ink dries faster. This is one of my all-time favorites, and highly recommended. Mix all three in a glass bottle by shaking it for a few minutes. Then I add a little japan drier to help it mix and to speed drying. There you go..good luck with finding some of that stuff. BTW, every ine of those inks work really well alone, so don't dump full bottles of them into a batch...I usually make this out of small quantites of leftover ink. Sometimes, other ink goes into the batch, but the first three are the ones you really need to find to copy this mix. Sometimes, I'll add Fiebing's USMC black leather dye for a stain if I have it, but it's also hard to find. Be creative, and don't mix water based ink with solvent inks. That's the biggest rule that no one seems to cover.... :rolleyes: Quoted post [/b] Hey man if you still have some of that garvey I really need some so pm me and we can work something out asap. Thanks for the usefull info too I haven't used one shot before but im going to check it out looks like it beats rusto.
  3. sick thread that spre is so fresh
  4. wow thanks for wasting my time with your gay thread you have to be a man before you can be a god
  5. I'm in the middle east. I'll be back in colorado & california this time next year. Zombie :king: Quoted post [/b] thats cool man maybe when your back we can paint or chilll or something if your down peace
  6. damn this shit is hot. I love your style and colors and also your characters. Those stickers on the first page are really nice. I also like seeing your photos from around the world great stuff. When are you going to be back in denver? anyways peace from tha 303
  7. First of all thank you for posting your image thing again. And your comments. It was probobly the nib i was using. I have tried many different things, socks, sheets of felt rolled up, chalkbord erasers, etc. but although some flow better than others none of them have ever givin me a drip or even flowed out without squeezing the container except for a pilot mop but that one flowed way too much and wouldnt stop leaking all over the place like when i took the top off it would go everywhere. Second I have read this and the marker mod thread front to back a few times and i always stay updated on posts here. I forgot about his tutorial and it was a little too specific because i am using different containers. And gates your pretty damn annoying dont assume shit. Kiwis kick ass thats what i mostly use for a mop but if i try to put some other kind of nib on it it doesnt flow well. I need to get some chalk erasers or some shit.
  8. Now whenever I make a mop it usually has really shitty flow or it just fuckin leaks all over the place, or the nib falls out. But usually its the previous. So mmy question is how can i improve the flow quality on my mops? Maybe someone could post detailed insturctions on how to make a nice mop, and i dont mean like a. get a container b. fill it with ink c. fold a piece of chalkboard eraser in half and stick it in the top, cause i know all that. if someone could provide some actual help i would seriously appreciate it.
  9. close this shit there is absolutly no point in making a new thread
  10. i know them leeho things use a pump system but hows the drips on em do they let a lot of ink out of em before any mods? How about after some mods to the pump? I like my markers nice and runny.
  11. hot styles that painted wall is illll got any more flics like that id like to see em
  12. throw some marsh in there youll be set
  13. Forge, it looks like your on the right track. If I was you, i would work on my simples and straight letters more, that seems to be the area you need the most work right now. Peace.
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