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  1. coppin a plea ? huh get myself hurt son your shit aint gonna run no more you lil rock n roll jerkoff... met ewok fuck ewok ... ribs you nobody never was never will be i hope you wasnt that short chunky cat at the cope gallery . real writers lol
  2. maxster chris syco psdusted halo tips for you herbs rush get your facts straight i didnt diss nothign of yours watch them treats cause your shit will be dissed if you stay talkin like that...ribs homie you lucky i didnt see u in the cope 2 gallery cause ud get shot the fuck up.. ewok iam jus bustin ya balls dont care much for any of your bullshit
  3. maxster psdusted... ewok for a small herb like you id act humble and not open my mouth at all. you got alot to say for alil sucker
  4. ... them ader joints look butter brookyln style
  5. coney island bound baby sucker the one who has no clue is you .. i should pray that i dont bump into you your what 14.. anyone that has something to say say it to me say through aim weslypsd and well Arrange alil get together .. brooklyn gun clappaz...
  6. will we rise again... okay first of all nobody was talking to you so mind your biz.. about being up or not i dont give a flying fuck for this graffiti shit its all a bunch of losers who have nothing better to do with their lives . lets make this clear iam not russian i did skateboard a couple years ago and if you are referring to the kid with the mullet who tried to swing at me boy if you didnt see your boy laid out on the floor you must be blind you boy got robbed after that and he never came through his own park i wonder why..oh maybe you are that lil sucker with a mullet cmon now lets face the truth no matter how much you lie to yourself your still that lil loser whose trying to fit in.. if you are anyother sucker on here wnats to do anything besides flap heres my sn weslypsd ...
  7. ehh look dickshit when i wrote suckers need not reply it was pointed towards dickheads like you . fucking wiseass lets make it clear for you there is noone driving in bmws and getting an education .. you know jedi taboo and know he is a lil dickrider who spends all his time thinking about graffiti same for host but its even worse when your 30 and writing graffiti ..not to mention that his work looks like a child just painted it .. see if you were smart you wouldnt respond and make your wise ass remarks cause alot of your productions are right next to hosts so it wouldnt be to much difficulty for me to diss you as well..
  8. ahhh jedi you still out there exploring dickriding jocking graffiti ahhahah you loser you still poppin shit man cmon now .you lucky yo ass didnt get laid out by ceo for flapping but cmon now iknow where all your lil spots are by the freight yards all them lil tunnels them corny fire escapes .. its real funny how a yuppie american kid who goes to college upstate bombs ghetto neighborhoods who are you trying to fool. same goes for host i know bout all your corny lil spots behind all them woodboards. all your productions by the freights. you had to open your mouths then you gonna be tryin to dead shit again cmon now fellas gotta be smarter than that... suckers need not reply... wes1 the one you love to hate
  9. ...... dork shut the fuck up before i post flicks of you crying when i knocked you...
  10. keep dreaming about me once and for all keep playing yourself noname.. lol noname why do i have beef with you again? is it because you envy me so hard and dream about me cause thats what it really seems like you go around asking people trying to find every lil detail about me . you still off track and i have an idea who you are you fucking chink
  11. wes1 the most hated .... okay this the last time im reply to you drop your name ... skinny dirty russian kid dawg you really have no idea who im do you .. at least if you wanna be a internet thug and say you caught me before drop your name .. wes1
  12. wes1 the most hated .... okay this the last time im reply to you drop your name ... skinny dirty russian kid dawg you really have no idea who im do you .. at least if you wanna be a internet thug and say you caught me before drop your name .. wes1
  13. wesly http://robotswillkill.com/graffiti/showgra...p?artist_id=280 here now you can look at fucking wackass homo nobody skateboarder fag......
  14. the one you love to hate yo dawg you cant possibly play yourself anymore .. cause you obvisouly dont know who iam . and for if i catch you again bro drop a name nobody ever caught me the first time i been hearing this nonsense watch yourself and it always ends up that i catch you homothugs and beat your ass and people are quit for a while then again this drama starts up.. you dawg give me a favor drop a name ill throwdown ... wesone only real niggas know... stv hdm psd
  15. ohh no beef..what should i do.. hheheheheheh 5 times all i remeber is once .. yo dawg why your toy ass taking out my manz ceo for talking bout no reason .. ranz in your position i wouldnt be calling anyone toy learn to rock first then talk you ignorant bastard..
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