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  1. "Do for love" or "I aint mad at cha" by 2pac
  2. yeah I did start a wack forum
  3. yeah thanks for your alls ideas but i thought of the best way to get it. "baby we gotta escalate this" (even if the girl is thinkn of something besides head) so shell be "alright" and when you whip it out she agreed to it and wont want to dissapoint.
  4. Well it was about 4 or 5 and we got back from the movies and me and her went to her house, and yeah she lives with her parents shes 15, so we were making out on her couch and stuff and and i was like " girl we gotta escalate this" and she was like " i know" so i whipped it out all suave and then she started gettin at it , i hit her shirt and her parents came home 15 minutes later so i got on my way. It was the dopest thing ive had done yeah i know im actn all teeny on ya all so ill shut up.
  5. Kiro7

    uhhh head please

    thanks yall ill try this tonight at her house hoprfull this shit werks
  6. yo whatsup you ma remember my ll post n catholi girls and its prety dope there sehorny girls and got with one but since me being a fresh kid i wnna know , how do yu ask for head???? seriously basically what do yu say to give a idication you want some? yeah PEACE
  7. 1-algerbra 1 and 2 Homeroom 2-Spainish 1 break 3-wrld history Lunch 4-RELIGIONNNNNNNNNN 5-Lang arts 1 6-PE
  8. Kiro7

    getting laid

    oh and did how long did you go out for b4 you did the deed?
  9. Kiro7

    getting laid

    When did every first have sex? like what age cus im wanderin if im too young. i still wanna do it tho.
  10. Kiro7

    catholic girls

    y yeah my goals to get laid that sounds fuckin depressing
  11. Kiro7

    catholic girls

    ill just testem out and see if i can get any.
  12. Kiro7

    catholic girls

    yeah i need incentive guys post some. oh splinter your right about that shit.
  13. Kiro7

    catholic girls

    that what i think they need to release there urges from all that dont do shit till yer married preachings so hopefully ill get some action soon cus ive been deprived
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