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a dick shun

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  1. a dick shun

    girl style

    in the word's of homer simpson MMMMMMMMMMM....Sixteen year olds
  2. old school bboys are the shit no one paints with them anymore thats as classic as the bubble cloud
  3. Re: Color Schemes comment This is fucking funny.
  4. a dick shun


    You see kids like this on "COPS"
  5. good stuff from the man
  6. you don't see them like that anymore CHEERS for the flix
  7. Re: To correct ALL of you: This is not a good opinion I gotta speak up on this one, Basically you are totally contradicting your self you say on one hand all these guys were ground breaking but the style is shit and it's easy to do that’s why everyone rocks it????????? Totally disagree this style consist of complex patterns and color contrasting and usually has intricate loops and extensions. I like this style it's just another style. Throwups are easy. Dead letters in some ways harder then hiding all your shit behind some wild style crap. Give this style its props if heads are rocking it correctly ya can't argue.....This style is PHAT and GHOST and SENTO rock it the best TRUE KINGZ!!!:king:
  8. a dick shun


    WANE COD NASTY. just Plain Nasty
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