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  1. Hey what kind of untensils do u use to color these in they look like colored pencils and prismas. but mad huge props go out to this man mad hella tight skills on paper and walls i think this is the best painter out there. thats to me everyone has a diffrent fav writer.
  2. Sheat


    its so strait and tight because he either A put tape to mask out bad marks or B he took a piece of carboard and made i look strait with the edges
  3. Do what ever the fuck you want in a yard u have no certain amount of time theres only 1 rule watch yo back for cops and workers and hit everytrain up so people see ur work and dont ever paint over the numbers or the train will eat you alive
  4. why would u hide under a train i know its safe to hide under but never ever hide under it it could start at anytime.. i also dont get hit a train in the day. in the day they see u alot better the best time to do it is 2am or lata
  5. I love the guy too reminds me of halloweeen for some reason dont know why but i love it its a frankenstine clone watch out
  6. That cop in the yellow suit is like WHO THE FUCK TAGGED MY TRAIN I WANT TO TURN THEM IN. little does she know she cant shes fucked
  7. I love these pics but they aint clamming shit if u got a ford ranger.. the other cars look like rentals from friends and the kids look 14 too young to drive
  8. hey there ayes but i got a question what kinds of markers do u use i like those colors. like ur shit too i have been up 2 days strait drawing lots of shit and now i need some color
  9. I know there are plenty of posts like this but i decided to make my own one because im sorta new.. But hey people i got a question i want to start painting trains and more trains but have one question lets say i paint a train car at night because thats the time me and my boys decide to go out. after the car is done how do i get a flick of it can a camera with a flash really get a good pic of it i just dont want to wait till the morning to go and get a flix and the trains gone. I like to get a collection of pics and show my friends. It seems that every time i go and take pics of bombs i did things are always way to dark... so anyone have any ideas
  10. yard technic weapon if u have to use it i use the sha------clonkkkkkkkkkk--- method heres how it goes if u have to take the can spray it in the bad guys eyes thats called the shaaaaaaa then when he cant see hit him over the head thats the clonnnnnk part get it
  11. thats not to good tagging in the day near a train with like 10 people looking it prob a phony
  12. Sheat


    i think both are tight dont have a problem with them maybe a little bit more color
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