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  1. hahahaha...that zask piece cracks me up...it isnt the greatest piece in the world, but how much can you really expect from something comming out of someones ass.
  2. opie'm

    Graff Girls

    haha...what a asshole.
  3. opie'm

    Graff Girls

    phem be gettin psycho wit her letters.:lol:
  4. that colossus of roads streak is great.
  5. I have to fully agree with the title.
  6. wow...this thread is super old...I can't believe its back.
  7. yup...I am gona have to agree...I wana see more!
  8. opie'm

    properly documented

    crazy...check out the dimensions on naces A...I dont think I have ever noticed that before. Anyway, as always, bump for nace R.I.P., and chunk too...I love me some chunk.
  9. damn...sweet ass old emte and coup.
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