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  1. Spike


    Haha wtf this popped up on my internets: https://www.engadget.com/2016/08/31/viceland-desus-mero/
  2. Spike

    Great Moments in 12oz History

    Also, not sure how I stumbled back here (can't even remember why I stopped), but hi.
  3. Spike

    Great Moments in 12oz History

    Has Kettiecat been mentioned yet?
  4. Spike

    Baggage thread.

    Acronym 3a-5TS Cost me a bundle five years ago, but what with it being made by Bagjack and being generally bombproof I can see it lasting me a lot longer. Haven't had to buy another general bag since then and I probably use it every single day. Spend a bit more than you usually would, buy a good bag and you won't waste money having to replace shit that breaks. Unless you're the type that just likes buying new shit all the time, in which case whatever
  5. Spike

    12ozProphet Sneak Peak

    You guys seriously hook it up when it comes to fixing problems... I remember when you set up special international shipping for me when I ordered some stuff from Four The Hard Way way back when. Order placed, can't wait for it to arrive!
  6. Spike

    12ozProphet Sneak Peak

    I was gonna say the same thing... I would love to cop a shirt but it's quoting me UPS Worldwide Expedited to the UK - $148.46... There's gotta be another way!
  7. Spike

    UK Hip Hop/Grime/Dubstep MegaThread v2!!!!

    Ramadanman - Woo Glut
  8. Spike

    12oz lurkers Slients Watchers

    I have no idea how I've managed to accumulate 1000+ posts here, but also how I've not managed more considering how long it's been
  9. Spike

    And All Because The Lady Loves Seeks.

    Things go better with Spike
  10. Spike

    No More Cursive Writing In Schools FTW!!

    I think that it's a shame that handwriting standards have slipped so much...
  11. Spike

    12oz Legends...

    Jesus Potato
  12. Spike


    That Sever is possibly one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen... fire
  13. Spike

    Re: announcement

    (Disclaimer: this is by no means the official word, just what I seem to remember hearing at some point) As far as I'm aware 12oz has run at a loss for most of its lifespan, being propped up at first by Raven personally, and then later subsidized by related projects (4THW, AKA etc.). My guess is that since the relaunch and resultant increase in advertising, the forums now break even, or, if they do make any money the vast majority of it will be ploughed straight back into improving content. From my understanding of what Raven does outside of 12oz he neither needs to nor wants to run the site as a money spinning venture simply to line his pockets. (Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken) The bottom line is that server space + bandwidth for a site of this size is not cheap and since most of you are too damn cheap to fork out $18/year (what does that translate to in the US? 6 beers at a bar? That's giving up half a beer a month...), what advertising revenue is generated can only maintain the current server capacity instead of increasing it in line with the growth of the site and/or adding more features. If one day the site can no longer be sustained I'm willing to bet that people who will complain the most and most vocally will be those who are currently complaining that they shouldn't have to support the site financially...
  14. Spike


  15. Spike


    Ayako Miyake, first female Ninja Warrior winner: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDqY8dWsLWQ Ok. Maybe she's not that hot. But any girl that can tear through that course like she does gets an instant attractiveness boost in my book