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  1. Welcome back brother.

  2. Mic Check... One that was on my computer from a few years back. Not a burner, but def some style.
  3. Peace Party People, I'm back too and will hopefully bring back some others old and new. I'll try not to be an asshole this time. First Challenge... read through these first 5 pages of comments. I used to get on here while slacking at work but I literally have almost zero time these days. - DASH Somehow I still remember my "signature"... "True Masters Respect The Craft"
  4. Been so long I forgot how to post images
  5. God to see Kepos back spraying, and Dekay dropping telling the war stories.
  6. Good Point, the colors got all fucked up in this pic. The Jungle and Fed Green look the same. I couldnt even tell that was Cascade in yours. Looks like Cascade Polka-Dots in that other WANE panel too. Jungle Green was not the best krylon color ever made. It was definitely a nice bright color, but had a really horrible coat if you wanted to fill with it. Parrot Green was even worse, almost as bad as floral paint. Most of these kids that stress jungle green so hard never actually used it.
  7. Zed, That dude may be losing his memory. My money is on Rusto "Speedy Dry" Lime Green. Fed Safety Green is the color in those 2 HIMS and WANE Panels.
  8. Damn I been off this site for mad long and come back to see toys still crying about the same shit. How do my dudes put up with it?
  9. Yo i did not post that toy shit with my comment. What the fuck?
  10. 2NEAR CYA/TC5 = Ken Swift older Brother 2MAD = CYA Prez 2WISE CYA/ROC = Bil Blast RSC
  11. The 1st pic is RASTA RTW, the 2nd pic is RASTA CIA who unfortunately, has recently passed.
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