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  1. ^ yea.. and fuck ya ShootMcgavin..do some searching and asking searching ans asking b4 u speak! :mad:
  2. i dun wanna start a new thread or somethin..so i think ill ask here.. yo peeps! can yall tell me how 2 make a drippy tag? i mean how 2 do a real drippy ink..wat mix wit wat? i live in Singapore and tha best ink tt available here i think is pilot permanet ink..i hav read all tha threads but i seriously dun hav any stuffs tt yall mentioned..i realli hope yall can help me and tell me by using wat stuffs(hope its a common stuffs tts available almost anywhere) can i make a drippy ink..realli appreciate it man!! holla me back yall... peace..:cool:
  3. everybody just hav 2 b like cope2..doin pieces,productions in tha day, destroyin shits in tha nite..:king: peace...:cool:
  4. "im tha terrorist terrorist terrorist terrorist..T-E-R-R-O-R-Ist am tha terrorist terrorist terrorist.." :crazy:
  5. thks man...btw....im not american..im asian.. :p guess i hav 2 check it tha streets and yards out myself....thks again....peace....:king:
  6. so tha bottom of tha line...there's no even 1 easy trains 2 paint on? is there any places in holland tt can do it? it will b like fuck if i cant paint even 1 train when i hav tha chance 2... wat bout fr8s and stuff there? street bombin? easy? holla me yall...realli hope 2 do some damage 2 holland b4 going back 2 my hm... :king:
  7. peeps..is holland trains still easy 2 paint now? coz im going 2 holland and visit my relative..wanna hit some trains there....hollA me back yall... peace...:cool:
  8. Originally postee by else can some1 plz ans this? i wanna noe 2..and when is tha dvd comin out? get me back...thks a lot... peace...:cool:
  9. ar fuck! fuckin dope shits...:eek: peace..:cool:
  10. wat so "HARD" bout this production?? ;) there's more "betta and harder" production out there... peace..:cool:
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