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  1. I'll see what I can dig up... prepares to be embarrassed haha..
  2. ^ Thanks!! PhatOne, Berst and Askew
  3. Bolts, Berst, Phat1, Askew TMD wall in Miami - Ryze, Saves, Phat1, Oche, Askew, Kost, Vans the Omega, Deus, Has, Diva, Pest5, Berst Wall in Downtown LA - Tyke, Rime, Vans the Omega, Dabs & Myla, Revok, Askew & Deus Miami - Askew, Knows, Saves, Haser, Berst, Sueme and Phats.
  4. Askew SUK


    Seriously, Wane is not just a role model in style but also in how he is as a person. This guy will definitely be recognised in the future as one of the key figures in this movement. The man!
  5. Clean Or Dirty The Most Defs - Jaes & Askew. Detroit 2009
  6. ^Actually it's Eureka. I never used to be a fan of that colour but recently I've been using a lot.
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