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  1. EViLPRiCK


    dope thread...:king:
  2. how do they know this junkie didnt write it himself while fucked up at a rave
  3. Berlin for sure the biggest I've seen. while visiting I met different groups of writers every night i went out
  4. ..jumping on the marz va bandwagon
  5. :king: and thats all i have to say.
  6. good post... ps. am i allowed to hate fotango as much as i do?
  7. EViLPRiCK

    2 car

    bangin i love illegible stuff..:lol:
  8. ii was gonna say that.. beat me too it..:lol:
  9. cant beat that post with a stick.
  10. that character is sweet...
  11. ' I think i straight laughed like 10 years over this comment about the MOTHER FUCKIN JACKALOPE :lol: :crazy: :lol: :D
  12. sex pistols the clash ramones propagandhi operation ivy some rancid nofx (strategically placed)
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