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  1. EViLPRiCK


    bump for uk.. bump for caze and crash bein chill dudes.
  2. Don't get me wrong I love everything about looking at graffiti, but sometimes I feel like everythings been done already.. except for when it comes to tags and characters. tags just have so much aggression, so much style, and so much individuality behind them.
  3. love the characters and the humor... the brown clay face was my favorite.
  4. EViLPRiCK


    so i had a dream that he was already dead, but the illuminati were just trying to find the right person to do the job and listen to what they tell him to do. hows that for paranoia.
  5. well it is kinda cool.. i guess
  6. one of my favorite threads... tags just have so much originality and style...
  7. tight post, virginia heads representing.
  8. EViLPRiCK


    what the fuck is this shit.
  9. EViLPRiCK


    its a shame they're saying those 'deer-people' aren't art.. but for real.. vandals.
  10. EViLPRiCK


    really feeling the simple karma.. the isle and rezist joints pop the E's are tight..Tend Stoe and Goner are on some tight fills, more to say but I'll let the pictures do the talking.
  11. EViLPRiCK


    I saw that the other day.. I like it even though when i first saw it i thought it said sspeeerhrtt... I figured it out.
  12. EViLPRiCK


    if your postin janks post new stuff...
  13. EViLPRiCK


    player haters in this house.... ...if you see em point em out... but for real where the sunk at...
  14. that shaw in germany is so ill. there was some other really ill shit on that wall too... ill probably post some flicks of it when i get my webhost working again
  15. EViLPRiCK

    Wash DC

    i cant wait to throw rotting veggie's at you next time your around
  16. EViLPRiCK


    to think you could actually learn something if their wasnt so many people dropping bullshit.
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