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  1. bring em out bring em out
  2. not in virginia game plan.
  3. im laughing because most of those supplies were racked but im glad you knew we were international. stay on our dicks.
  4. I didnt hear anyone denying shit. but you got the running shit part correct.
  5. your wrong, and your wrong. nationwide ha. international boyo.
  6. i told myself i wouldnt take 12oz seriously anymore, but local fame is more important to me because im not just trying to show off to other writers I want to inspire some 10 yr old kid walking down the streets. nationwide fame is tight, but only things standing out on that level are kids with nothing to lose, and kids who have some artsy vision. take this with a grain of salt but i feel like the only people recognizing those people are on 12oz right now or are some pissed off rail people. if your thinking about the long run, asking a question like that just leads to ASER1NE's statement, your
  7. aint nothing to it but to do it.. i guess
  8. oh snap, kinged shit in richmond? BALLERS..
  9. I laughed.I dont care what the fuck gets posted, as long as you arent bias about what you flick, and who you post from those pictures... for the most part. If youre going to bitch about it post your own stuff, or flicks youve taken. cdc do your thing, Im not all about what you're doing but at least you are doing it. everyone else step back for a second and look at your "this is the correct way graffiti should look" attitude, because its some bullshit. if you think whats being posted sucks, and i might agree, then go out and do something better or something more grimey. I know for a fact if i s
  10. bump for my boy ace killin streets. is that losers joint with a fire extinguisher?
  11. nice weather we've been having.
  12. many innocent lives exterminated.
  13. is this shit a clean train or a frieght? i can hardly see the pic is so small Quoted post [/b] obviously a clean... look at the doors.
  14. EViLPRiCK


    Never tried to paint us subways, but went to europe and did throws while riding and insides were accomplished.. Its different here in the states where I live, in comparison to where Ive been. In europe you can be out and about 4 in the morning, with 20 people just putting up and its less looking out for cops and more looking out for taxi drivers.. normal citizens try to stop you, and you check the numbers. Here in the states I walk through main roads late night with 3 people and you have a very likely chance of seeing at least 2 cops in 30 minutes. and even more so they are arogant enough to t
  15. cross my boy out with a ying yang sign? what kinda shit is that. take the spot back and you dickride and pretend your cope2.. fuck that. i know who you are. leave a name next time. I'll cross out everything you have. step off my crew.
  16. one of my favorite writers for a while.. maybe ill post some flicks when i stop being so god damn lazy
  17. I chuckled. to the people trying to bring something back to dc.. stay up
  18. I gotta stay fly i i i ii ii ii i i, till I die i i i ii ii ii ying yang?
  19. oderoc has a tight handstyle
  20. oderoc has a tight handstyle
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