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Everything posted by EViLPRiCK

  1. not much variety, but could be fun...;)
  2. uh... yea... no flicks no thread... close... :o
  3. and the lesson is.... viginia is for haters.
  4. it hurts my eyes! :king: :king: :king:
  5. not that im saying im some king or something... but it looks like you just drew a bunch of lines and pushed them together.:o
  6. keep trying, i used to try shit like that when i started too... or something like that?;)
  7. ah! my friends are still going to SAT's tommorow, and i live in va ;
  8. i love it, :D as for a week after, probably an art kid... who picks up fast it does happen, plus practice practice practice, and he probably could rock styles like that in a week:king:
  9. simon and garfunkel - sound of silence -- supposedly about praying... but i hear more about writing in the song
  10. that would suck a lot, but getting off catch free would be pretty cool :D
  11. personnally i like to piss out side and drink a beer ;D makes ya feel badass
  12. i suppose im a new comer, but eh... ive tried making my own caps.. quite successful, and when ever i see an aerosol can, i check see if its male :o so you cant say its all of us... but yea.. most new comers are fucking lazy :( and its sad to see the "scene" polluted by teens thinking its cool to write cuss words on the wall and call it graffiti
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