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  1. lets see ur stuff kuku
  2. wow u suck problys from all the weed u smoked
  3. ahhaha ya i was thinking the same thing with that BEND grey piece. but he denies to it so w.e
  4. thats my second piece i ever painted. the 3d is all deformed cause it got dark out and i couldnt see what i was doing
  5. ok are we cool or are we still arguing???
  6. urgent slurgent.!!!!!!!!!1
  7. nice work i like it. where are u from in chicago?
  8. naw kid u may have 1 paint flick wow and if blows and im not crying u little faggot so shut ur wack mouth ok and death metal is WAAAAAAAAAY better than ur gay eminem shit man i can burn u ok ask any1 that is actually good
  9. dmx shut ur mouth ok cause i havent seen anyof ur work 12oz blows and u wont be hearing from me again cause all u kids suck fro the execption of some.. i still can burn pom whatwver his gay name is but im not gonna argue over it anymore its the net..
  10. naw fool that shit blows ok all of u are blind if u think this fool is good
  11. im not getting cocky but w.e floats ur boat lol
  12. so arizer ur saying i suck??? my stuff looks alot better than his wack shit
  13. just to show u how wack you are not that i care but u made an issue of it http://members.lycos.co.uk/PoM_oNe/digi-ad.gif'> never give me advice ok u suck and need to practice and that digi shit is wack and dont give me an excuse but im better on paper cause no ur not if ur digi crap doesnt look decent than ur sketches dont either. i showed a sketch the blue 1 with the pentagram i did that 1 at the begining of summer i can sketch allllot better than that.
  14. no i have letter structure did u notice its just a net sketch???? or are you to dense to figure that one out. i am alot better on paper and walls and hahaahaha i just took a look at ur stuff and it blows so dont say anything at all cause i can burn u kid i wont say anything to a person that is better than me but im not gonna take advice from a person that sucks... this is all directed to POMONE
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