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  1. "I move with the god type energy, so big one of me make ten of me." I'll dignify this one with a response. Couple of points: Fedup is either Mook or one of his cronies, "Some Fedup fucker", c'mon now duke left a calling card. I don't NEED to change my screen name if I want to riff with someone on the internet and if I did change my handle it would certaintly be more poignant than fukpittsburghgraff. Nothing comes out of voicing a negative opinion on this forum; this I have learned through experience. If yall niggas think I give that much of a fuck to try to come on here and
  2. you are kidding right? All the tasty brew in that city and you were drinking Yuengling? Dog, c'mon man! Head down to Ludwigs and grab yourself a Avintinus or Hacker Pshorr and get hip to the elixir of the gods! Oh yeah, Bump for Espo. Damn that guy is inspirational.
  3. Nice! I hope to visit one day, you guys do it right! Beautifull Country I hear...
  4. seriously How dope is awe's shit tho? word.
  5. French film cinema YZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Those voice throwies are nice. Metal for originality.
  6. ? Who was in the lower right hand corner of that production(the wall)? Sever? Another question for that production, who is that next to Biter? Ensoe, please god say Ensoe... That KOMRAD, I dunno, looks like another Worm bite. Guess you can't really front on scripts tho...public property or whatever you call it...
  7. You're really only up if you are on 12oz! I see new bombing every day when I walk the streets. If the 4 posts a day internet writers want to gas the rest of the heads that check for stuff on here let em'. REAL niggas know the deal. BELIEVE that. If I or anyone that I rolled with gave a shit about 12oz fame then you(the viewing public) would see the broader picture. Seeing as how thats not the case... check the streets. If you ain't on the streets... Ahem ahem, uhm, life outside of the east end? Give it a go fellas! You might suprise yourself.
  8. WAKE DEBT NEKST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. x x x Those fliks that euthanasia uploaded do not function properly and I am not on a dual G5 Powerbook unfortunately, so I know it isn't that... www.yourethemannowdog.com
  10. BUMP FOR THIS SOLDIER. The state, how about a small portion of the globe? KLAS CTA was in Madrid, Spain a week and damn near had every gate in the fucking city smacked up. I'm feelin' this guy. Those cleans were also amazing. BIG UPS KLAS CTA!!!
  11. Yeah Yea good post. wasn't there another panel on that GVSR w/ WORM?
  12. bump All nice. PAUSE takes it though. "gimmee some money fore' I sic my dogg on you"
  13. Re: ... Damn, I know the buff is strong in ATX but seriously, there is more to life than Mojo's. You guys ever heard of illegal graffiti? Post some JESSE and VOMIT.
  14. Re: um That's funny, he didn't spot me either. Fuck him!
  15. Me gusta Good post. How long did it take you to bench all of those? I love sluts. If any sluts are out there reading this and want to get served up, please hawla. MOB!
  16. TDD reps it right! Heh eh eh heh heh ha ha ha, whoah! Yeah, going over numbers is wak but "mad graffa" on fr8 trizzletons is damn near critical mass so these are probably the last days anyway... This train probably isn't going to turn the tide once and for all. That shit is mad chistoso though, had me in stitches.
  17. Doo new snappy crabbles giggli schock Hot cars. Nice pics. YELP is a buster. Give me money.
  18. Evan Walters ANGRE was super up downtown. Definitely had hart. It is sad that he will never have the chance to try to get keep improving, or to try to do anything he wants for that matter... much to young to die. Stay up, stay safe. Prayers to the family and may his soul rest in peace. R.I.P. ANGRE
  19. D-TOWN Detroit is hawt-in. When I was there for the DEMF I saw mad ARMY and SCREW, as well as many others in the cut near the telly. Everything looked pretty dope. Any city that has thugged out black dudes with links and jerseys listening to hard techno gets a thumbs up from me. JEFF MILLS K-HANDS MR. SAUNDERSON DETROIT!
  20. Yeah! That red NISER that is on the highway? That one needs a frame. Pretty much all of those NISERS were blazers... DEVER simples take it every time. JESSE rocking it... AEZIA the crazy killer - Those east-end shits bang. "so much pain, live through the strain, so much to gain so I can't complain, we'll stake our claim uplifting the name so take this game, let's make this change."
  21. WalterSobcek


    No assimilation Was that NY? JK wankers, good stuff.
  22. What more could you ask for? That MAYHEM whole car was tougher than something really tough. That JERMS was bangin' That SACK shit was hot also, I think it said Sack, anyways it was dope. LEWIS Yeah, that better days fr8 was the red headed step-child of this post... JOBLESS NIGGA!
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