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  1. Okay, I know it isn't a wicket or in philly (yes, there is a whole world out there guys!) but did anyone else see that Geneva Hardcore shit? That was insane. Super duper califragilisticly insane.


    That Nise (necske color scheme eh?) Raels and Curve were juicy.


    I keep losing money and getting steadily more bummy. My nose is runny and I want Vida Guerra to be my hunny...dunny.


    Oooho o hooohh yea!

  2. Originally posted by lberry@Apr 14 2005, 12:55 PM

    I thought this thread was for the other code from htk. goodbye.


    I don't know though man, that fool is pretty fresh. Unique styles on cleans...I can go for that.

  3. Yikes. So wait, alot of those were painted in the day right?


    I mean, I prob. should have quit painting long ago but if heads (glue) is rocking it like that at night I'll go ahead and hang up tha' cans.

  4. wow


    Originally posted by robotripp

    fuck you jake, quit talking or ima break your jaw next time i see you.


    Ummm, I thought this clown was banned?


    I wish I could "blink" and he'd go away...

  5. Scrizznibbly treats


    Bump for:


    Everyone that rocked Scribble. Lots of hotness if you ask me...which noone did but this is the internet! HA!


    Shewp Duo, Size, the whole RTD LD/TKO sets, the wizard of oz shit was precise, very nice.


    The Channel spot was simply breathtaking.


    Dr. Sexo, True no doubt. Too many to name.


    Without a doubt the biggest concentration of writers without ego's in the entire history of graffestivals. Niggas was mad cool and just kicked it. Big ups to the Cinci jake for not swetting the team for doing blis, drinking forties, doing more blis and smoking blunts all over the joint.


    Living Legends killed it even if the soundfag pulled the cord. That AMD fool or whoever that was ripped it as well. Look forward to it next year.

  6. Originally posted by johnny

    there's so much bullshit getting painted. someone should tell those fools it makes fine backgrounds for my shit...


    "Yea, someone should really tell these fools that all this crap really makes "fine backgrounds" for Johnny Crew's shit."


    Man, even if you are Revok you are still a herb.


    You are scorned buster.

  7. for a college town


    I'm not one to hate like the rest of these super hero graffsters that have their keyboard in their paint bag as to not miss a thread on 12oz. but fellas, try to get a little bombing in, or maybe some hands or something. I popped through the college area(where you would expect to see alot of movement)and I didn't see too much.


    Go get em!


    This is an election year and Henry Rollins advises all of you to make a difference. Vote fuckos, vote.

  8. Originally posted by robotripp

    you say your sorry for all the fucked up things you have said about me and have said to other people who i now have to deal with and ill be more than happy to delete the post. Im an asshole, I know, so if you dont want me to be one dont puch my buttons and gimme my respect. You know as long as we known each other i have never disrespected you, except when your ego got in the way.


    Give you your respect? When have you EVER earned any respect?

  9. Re: i dont giva fudge Mr. Sobcek


    Originally posted by FatUgly

    nobody was postin flicks so i figured i would drop some...all the flicks i posted were takin by me, they may have been on here already but i took the flicks...so if you dont like the shit you can suck my dils...


    Easy buddy, you're ok. Thought I would let you know they were there already. But if you are fat/ugly I can understand the desperation that would turn you towards looking for dudes to suck your dilz but alas I can't help you out. Check Pegasus. Good luck!

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