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  1. You got me.. I'm on a mission to make the ATK vets pay for thir war crimes! Nah, It's just that I've seen other cats trying to use those letters.. peace
  2. Disco- Nice flick! Quality stuff from the DVS kings! I have that Bean flick from paradisio somewhere too.. As for what happened to him, he got into music. Beats, production etc. Pretty fucking ill with it too.. Does anyone have a copy of that article about Seattle graff in one of those free newsprint magazines? It had peices that said "Street Art" by Rey EDK and Cezer (IBM??) on the cover. Dope article about seattle graff history, flicks from the Motor Sports Garage etc.. Speaking of which, who has Motor Sports flicks?? That was the spot.. Big up Martin Selig!! peace
  3. smoke Forgive my ignorance but were those taken in pdx?? peace
  4. CrestOne_sta

    SACE kcw

    ^^Wow... impressive! Are you sure he did that though? Either way definantly dope.. peace
  5. Bang it like a twenty peice!! Ill punchlines..
  6. ATK Amen1- Is that ATK from Abq NM??
  7. I checked out Filezilla.. Is it an FTP app or does it make the files on my server space accesable? I appreciate the help.. peace
  8. I have some soundfont (.sf2) files that I need to get to a friend of mine. They are way too big to email, and he's not into using ICQ or AIM.. I tried putting liks to the files on an html page but when I try to "save as" it will only save them as html or ascii type files.. Does anyone know how to set up something like this?: http://www.bemflix.com/webflix/bronx/bx_a-c/images/ Or does anyone know of an FTP that I could up them to? Free dope sf2's for any audio head that can help.. Thanks! peace
  9. SYM still has shit running in Bham... I'll see if I can't get some flicks. peace
  10. Did they abducted the box and bring it back or is that spot just that chill??
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