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  1. Bribesta, you are a retard.... and you don't know how to spell, I think it's because you are a fucking retard
  2. ribald

    Ghost .

    ghost follows the basic rules of this sport. 1.dont bite:he has made his own style.theres prolly 20 people(give or take a few)that created there very own ORIGINAL STYLE. 2.bomb more than you piece:you want respect you gotta urn it.rockin it suckers is what you need to consistantly do.paint alot,if you paint 3 or more times a week you are doin it.ghost has done it more than 20 years! 3.transit:dude took trains very serious.the essence of graffiti is on trains. 4.respect:now because of his dedication to the art form hes getting hired to do art on stores walls.the ultamit get over.stussy,toy tokyo,motug,getting paid nigga! i could go on and on why ghost is the man,you see.he defines "doin it" get to work suckers.you gotta alot of catchin up to you are a fag, it makes everybody feel like one
  3. fuck you, fuck david and fuck tsb
  4. i used to hate a bitch now i want to date a bitch
  5. you can choose your freinds but you cant choose your family
  6. dont let the good times fool you
  7. take it to the limit one more time!
  8. god loves a working man. dont trust whitey.
  9. remember suicide is an option.
  10. http://www.weaveinc.org/closeline/large/DSCF1794.JPG
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