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  1. chpc


    yo shmuk i think that bloke in the pink shirt plays in the 2's for sandrinham. im pretty sure ive seen him and his boofhead footy mates hanging out on chapel street explaining to ditsy blonde sluts the significance of thier cultural importance to melbourne and australia as awsome footy players and sick cunts
  2. chpc


    too bad its a gay cut out, and too bad its of homos climbing on each other in tiny gay shorts. gay
  3. what does CI stand for. its a crew i take it?
  4. chpc


    ^^^^that shit is whats up, not some over seas pretty legals.
  5. chpc


    where is that pool please? just wanna skate it not paint it
  6. woh thats one gnarly battle
  7. im from australia and i was visiting the states, i was in seattle up in that big pointy tower thing looking through the binoculers at the sights. i focus down on this long ass freight rolling thru and a sweet erupto burner was the first thing i saw. id just come up up from sf and the dude was up there quite a bit too. good stuff
  8. anybody got any unity stuff. dude is real good i rekon but havnt seen his stuff in yonks
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