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  1. Lol - sure homie! Let me grab my batcape and pilot and blow the lid off this mutha!!! We are already doomed man. Get strapped. Every man for himself. ;-D
  2. So after years of not posting.... And actually using and trying almost every type of ink and paint mixes in my absence, I've learned the following: How well an ink stains, and how well an ink weathers are two completely separate things, and the only way to get an ink that will do both well. Use a UV resistant base ink. T-Grade being the standard for my base, although I find its tackiness a growing concern. It clogs on contact with water beads and has ruined my night a few times. I used to use Garvey to dilute the T-Grade but found that it compromised the opacity and lightfastness to much even at minimal dilution. Now, I use tgrade (50%) mixed with any other alcohol based ink (30%) to reduce tack, and a dash of speedflow (20%) for extra UV protection. A sprinkling of GV/MB/WHY and that's it! I've been tagging for coming up on 18 years now, and I've gotta say this is the holy grail of ink for me. Don't get it twisted... I've spent days and gallons of ink mixing, experimenting, trial & error getting to this. I'll often now use a lighter color for the filler (alcohol) ink which can add nice highlights in this hot mess of vandalicious delight. For me brake fluid is a joke, as are most dyes and alcohol based inks as they cannot handle the weather here. Between the constant rain & sun, and lifestyle of a ruthless hustler, I don't have time for anything less than the best... and this is it my friends.... Enjoy. And if you can't afford it, you shouldn't use it. Speedflow is the bidness though.
  3. Some of the best bombing I've seen in a while. Detroit!!! :dazed:
  4. All I use is Black T-Grade with GV/MB. You cant get any better. Garvey dilutes the thickness/light-fastness too much, even at 25/75 ratios. Tried 'em all, still the best.
  5. Is that WERD over Virus? What a fucking clown looking for cheap fame. Bad move boys. Nobody respects veteran caps. NOBODY.
  6. Beat cops would probably roast more writers than task force pigs anyways. This city has got to be the buff capital of Canada.
  7. I think you're way too right man...... http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/member.php?u=105003
  8. So yes then... you would relate? wOULD YOU WAIT FOR THE COPS OR GET STRAPPED???
  9. It comes to my attention lately that innocent civilians being murdered at gunpoint is less important than my kids safety for sure. And seeing that the illegal arms market is blossoming to the point of no return... I cant help help but wonder if I may be the last gun in my girls days... to stand for justice in a way different from her "would be" godparents. I am a man, and I am capable of defending my seed. Am I wrong for thinking the way I think? Too me its live or die... black and white... What do yall think???
  10. So I realize this will catch me some slack... but I've been around in this thread for a while, and having done a recent search for ink thinner... nothing came up. I have a shiat load of marsh black t-grade dye ink, and I need to know the correct shit to thin it with... I know its probably a simple answer but I'm having a hard time finding the page in this thread... whos got the knowledge?
  11. Im in the works for a nice outsourced mfgd marker, so we'll see...
  12. Go check this site out. No bullshit, no nonsense, just good shit. I work with these assholes. Look at it motherfuckers. I wont front... I am SG. UAT!!!! Do u understand?!?!? http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Stompdown check this shit. We do our thing.
  13. this site is dope. check all the the shit out...
  14. Re: What Made You Come To 12oz??? Pilot silver broads and freak black stainers....
  15. Re: What Made You Come To 12oz??? fuck the system movie goin mother fuckin assholes.
  16. Re: What Made You Come To 12oz??? hmmm. Its been a while, but I like this forum over the others because I seem to have a crazy amount of anonymity. Really, you can be the most up writer in the states... yet no one will know you you... it seems to me that this is the place to be for out of work bum ass writers, that roam free as fuck in the continental united states security system... cop lure...
  17. look at his thread people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. I think the dopest thing aboot Remio is his obvious freedom with his form. His goes from here to there, taking space in places hes never been like hes been there for years. He shows his respect for local styles without jocking; while at the same time inovating on classic letter form. I have alot of respect for Remio, particularly the work hes put in in Vancouver. In a way, its started its own cult following. When I was in Paris, I went to the All City store ( see http://www.Allcity.fr) and the people asked where I was from, I said Vancouver, and they asked if I knew of Rem... cause he had friends here... I dot know him, but I told them I see his shit all the time and they wernt surprised...thats good coverage. Good coverage in my opinion.
  19. Okay, well... I just wanted to direct this to all these up and coming ink and marker salesmen who seem to be on the rise, and promoting their shit through this site. First off... I've been a bomber for a while... and pardon the possible arrogance, but I know my shit. Heres the thing; as dope as mops and homemade markers are, its kind of annoying that nobody's come up with the perfect marker for bombing yet. It seems really easy to me. Now don't get me wrong! I understand that "if its so easy how come you haven't done it then?!?!?"... but I don't make my living off of graff... I have a kid, a mortgage, and a job I enjoy... so for now... I'm pretty good. I can make markers that come pretty close to what I think would be ideal, but, with the time and money of somebody who buys and sells the shit for a living, why shouldent the big cats come up with the shit! They are making their living off of a skill I've been arrested for!!! If all these companies are so down for graff, cant they see the demand for a marker that combines all the good shit and none of the flaws of a Kiwi, Valve marker, Pilot nib, and screw on cap! Now I'm not sure of the cost to actually have a prototype made... or the trouble it would be to pitch that prototype to a company that would actually produce it, but I mean fucking come on! On The Run just released NEW markers that fucking BLOW. Water based acrylic ink, and a potentionally brilliant round tip marker is ruined by corporate bottom line. Its obvious that every company on the come up is buying outsourced dauber (SoulTip, Facepaint) and valve markers (Flowpen, Molotow) from bullshit foreign exporters and just calling them "Street Mops", selling them at a retarded inflated price, and STILL dominating the marker market. Well... its bullshit. If a company like On The Run cant get their shit together I'm just gonna boycott them. Their latest circle tip marker was so disappointing that I fucking screamed. If Im out in the streets, risking my freedom to bomb shit, who the fuck are these guys to leave me stranded with shitty, shitty lines of product. Why? Because it is obviously just a fucking 25 cent wholesale marker with one of the shittiest nibs I've ever used they bought, printed their logo on, and raised the price to fucking price on. You're just paying for the name. Well fuck the name. The ink game, in my opinion, is on point. KR, Grog, DED, Marsh, PP, CV, MB... its around and effective. If you cant make yourself a good ink, you don't deserve it. I would love to see a marker with the circle shaped nib of a Kiwi, except the material used for the nib is Pilot nib material, with the valve of a flowpen, the no hassle screw on lid of a face paint marker, and a shampoo bottle sized base/resiviour. Pick any dope ink and your set. No nib ripping up on the first slightly rough surface you hit. Enough Ink to satisfy the most discerning tagger, control over drips, and not a hell of alot of mess with the screw on lid. Its the perfect weapon as far as I'm concerned. Add the option of smaller and bigger sized nibs and color varients, and you've got a new era of tagging happening. So basically, I aint mad at Krink, DED, Oink or any other cats getting thiers in the game right now... honestly, they got some of the dopest inks around! But this marker biz is bullshit. Companys like Montana, Molotow, or On The Run have enough cash to make the perfect marker... so why dont they? I'd totally pay for the type of shit I've described above, wouldnt you? Maybe you woudnt. But I would. And alot of writers would... am I right? Nothing beats a free marker, but most serious taggers I know wont hesitate to drop cash on some next level shit. Most bomber apreciates Pilot SC-6600's and Silver broads enough to pay for them. Most likes the flow of flow pens, but not the mess and the shitty lid/delicate nib, and threading in the valve/nib which leaks far too often. Most like the size and shape of the Kiwi nib, but hate the delicateness of it. Everybody loves ink that stays dark as fuck outdoors, but leaves a nice ghost when buffed. Am I crazy, or should this shit be here already????? I'd like to hear praise or criticisim from experienced bombers. I'm not a nerd, just a serious handstylist/everyday person. What the do you think everybody??? Agree or disagree.
  20. I've gotta say I had an awesome time in Montreal. The city dont sleep! I met ALOT of good people there and I will be in contact with most of them... who would have known?! Talented writers?... good people? since when did this start happening in the graff game?! haha. Next stop Toronto! rollin through in a month or two. Cant wait, its been a while.
  21. Just a quick update on some inks I've been using lately... violet/purple krink is weak outdoors and seems to fade almost immediately in contact with sun and rain. Same as Garvey when not mixed. If you buy a Krink marker for outdoor shit, the black and silver are pretty hot... and the bleed thru blue looks promising. Those Uni broad type markers are great for non-paint based inks. Mr.Black seems to work ok, as long as its applied very generously to whatever you hit... it does kind of seem to fade though in sunny/rainy whether though. Grog fades a bit, but has so far been the best for beating the buff staying pretty dark. DED inside job works great on insides, but weak in the streets, a reasonable mixture is possible though. Marsh + Grog sounds like my next test. I'll post the results with if anybody interested. P.S - Grog full metal chrome seems to blow pretty large chunks just for the record. The bottle I got dried out the nibs in all the markers and homemades i tried it in. It even EVAPORATED in one of the mops I used. Highly shitty waste of cash.
  22. for the record... Krink violet fades immediately under rain and sun. Mos def not an outdoor ink. The black seems to hold up well. The krink silver "Uni" type pen also jamed on me when I really needed it... very dissapointing. I turned the nib around and it seems to work well for now. Also I refilled one of the Krink blacks with Mr.Black and its working very nicely although I dont have a result with the Mr.Black yet, it does seem to flow nicely in the krink pen though. Food for thought.
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