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  1. keep up your work and you will get better.
  2. restless

    im bored

    i love your work!
  3. I say paint them fuckin' planes, it's been done here in denmark a few times. but ok i think it's easy over here compared to the us.
  4. This is the real deal.... nice pics. give us more.
  5. Fuck it! I think it's good that there's someone that give's a fuck about them toys out there...
  6. Just hit that shit and stop wondering why it's there....
  7. This is gettin' a little out of hand, it ain't like i'm saying that doin' freight isn't real or shit like that... i was just asking and you sure gave me an answer.... and ok prisons over here is nicer if you could call a prison that. But you can still get up to 4 years for doin' trains over here and shit load of bills to pay.... hey man if i get caught just doin' a wall i'll be broke for the rest of my fuckin' life... freights are easy here, so i chose to hit transit, cuzz that means most to me. I bet you do what you find best, and that ok with me.... i was just askin'!!!
  8. I can't see you problem, i would be fuckin' hard to do a train in the US for me cuzz i ain't into your scene.... and by the fuckin' way... the Strain yards is tough as shit over... where to many writers so the yards are always heated up!!! you guy's talk about how you have your own yards... what's up with that... the yards over here you have to battle at least 50 other writers.....
  9. Why the fuck are you only doin' freights ??? Is it really so fuckin' hard to do anything that ain't a freight over there ???.
  10. restless


    Pratice.... and take it fuckin' easy when you paint... relax and it will come together!
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