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  1. klever, if you hit up shit in columbus, sc i caught a pretty sick trailer bomb you did while walking around when i was down there last summer took a flick too, touring and shiet.
  2. I caught Fun People at ABC No Rio in the city a few summers back. I forget who else played but I remember it was a good show. Fun People had cool silver pins, I remember that too.
  3. might as well hit mine off too though Television- "Marquee Moon" Radiohead- "Where I End and You Begin" The Smiths- "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" Iggy Pop- "The Passenger" KMD- "Gas Face Victim"
  4. Man o' man, that song is the most depressing fucking descendents song. The whole side B of 'I dont wanna grow up' is tear jerking. I read in an interview when stevenson showed 'silly girl' to the rest of the group after he wrote it he started to cry and shit. sure it's about love and a nice girl with a pink dress and all that, but shit, he was hurting when he wrote that. fuck
  5. www.kamikazehardcore.com New NJ punk band, members of Degenerics and Down In Flames. LP out now, dig it.
  6. Discarga/Infect split.^^^ Cred!! 5. Them featurin Van Morrison 4. Silent Majority "you would love to know" 3. Turbonegro "Scandinavian Leather" 2. Joy Division "BBC sessions" 1. Judgement "Mad Dog" b/w "Haunt in the dark."
  7. SIEGE 1 NJ

    4 words

    Insignificant tree biting hurts. It's axe wound season.
  8. I just finished Selby's Last Exit To Brooklyn today... Fucking nuts. Any cat's out here rack too many books and find themselves way backed up on reading? Always getting down with Bukowski poetry, sociology books and astronomy reads.
  9. THE ROAD CREW! Easily best motorhead song.
  10. Crazy to see my boys Tear It Up and Survivors mentioned, up the support for them! www.deadaliverecords.com Check that out for a good amount of new and old hardcore punk.
  11. Kevin Smith wrote a movie about this shit called Chasing Amy. If you haven't already seen it, I recomend you do man. Even if your girl's nickname was fingercuffs, it doesn't mean that the relationship wasn't worthwhile.
  12. Well, if there was graff up in the new Tragedy LP or Amdi Petersens Arme 7" I would let all you know too. But there isn't. So get down with 50, for the time being.
  13. peeling through my brothers copy of the album, you can spot a few tags in the flicks. Sacer is the most visible, but you can squint and see a VFR and some other shit.... spot's a block or two from the holland tunnel entrance...
  14. Someone above used "Bi-Polar" as a diss on Ja. Anyone who has or knows someone with this disorder sees how wack that is. Whatevz though, if having Bi-Polar gets someone that up, then fuck it, that might be the only rewarding symptom of that shit.
  15. That number 13 or whatever kinda looks like shitty death by stereo. It's so weird to see the likes of Rambo on this board....and that dude singing with the flag is Dez. Those early cali flicks rule.
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