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  1. Nemesis

    orange county

    It's not that great, not enough Jack Black stupidity.
  2. "It's not illegal until you get caught". "Fantastico". Saying "L-O-L" instead of actually laughing at something stupid. dmx style "whaaaaaaaat" during and awkward silence.
  3. I demand satisfaction. twat? I cunt here you. I have an ear infucktion.
  4. What does me not being able to cook ez mac have to do with anything?
  5. Wow. You suck at life, so you and your friends come spam 12oz.
  6. Oh, My bad. I though you ment "Rookie" as being toy status.
  7. I'm not talking shit to anyone. Sorry if I offended you. I was just giving my two cents about names.
  8. I like the coloring and the middle character is cool... Who cares what he writes? That's his business. As long as it's not taken by a king or it's my word, I dont have a problem with it.
  9. Yeah, when I'm sick I stay up all night, and sleep in, and usually dont eat for a few days.
  10. Nemesis


    Hmmm. I waited about 5 minutes for it to load and i got nothing. Oh well, i have a really crappy connection and no sound.:(
  11. Nemesis

    anal sex

    Kinda hard to see the details. I'm not really feelin the g's or lowercase a's. Just my opinion.
  12. Nemesis


    :confused: i see nothing.
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