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  1.  1529197155

    Confederate Flag

    seeking 100 million? there are only about 300 million people in the US today. if there were 100 million who were killed, what about the living. they are called a minority because there aren't as many.
  2. elk already had his own thread on here.
  3. ykk is on all zippers. i read an article on it once.
  4.  1529197155


    lets see some more Bmore Bombing.
  5. i can move my ears independet from each other. yeah freakshow huh.
  6. Re: seeing as "smart" shagged up the last thread I put this in...................
  7. i remember thinking dude was the illest shit riding the train through jersey, this was years ago though.
  8. worm needs to do more burners like that!
  9. i want a kaws fluffy pillow.
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