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Everything posted by InnerCityRebel

  1. I was waiting for that thing to start throwing punches also
  2. and a button up work shirt. been too lazy to change since i got home
  3. damn i have been listen to rap music longer then the black kid has been alive
  4. don't smoke but i will buy some from you when i am there in June. :D
  5. This show was biased as all hell. The LA part of the show was geared toward one set of individuals. If your going to do an art in the streets show everything and everyone..
  6. InnerCityRebel


    that Georgetown hat Suicide has up there is sick
  7. my bad i got my shows confused disregard my comment. I was referring to Art in the streets show at the Moca
  8. InnerCityRebel


    that green phillys hat is banging
  9. The show at the Moca repping this book was bias as fuck..
  10. Drinking a beer at my local watering hole
  11. damn that Pure freight is classic. So old he is rock IC and CR not even ICR yet..
  12. a lot of amazing pics but damn toys are ruining the lines..
  13. Co-signed can a mod pull that picture down???
  14. the bitch creaming in the back ground was to damn annoying
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