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  1. Re: Lost And Worthless Souls werdom up!! that was a tuff weekend!! im still peeling from the sun-burn!! :cool:
  2. Re: Lost And Worthless Souls ok slackers... who wants to go paint today?? LAWS TEAM...ASSEMBLE!!! lol riiight... no but really... i needs my fix... i wanna paint... MR63 :king:
  3. big ups to hixa... doin da damn thang... demise... we painting today? soup said sumfin last night... but my fon is off... holla at the pad.. peace to all you haters out there... im sure you'll get whats yours... :king:
  4. :king: bump that muthafuggin chet!!! big ups paser... that shit is so sick!!
  5. wow... how the heck is errybody doin? hope ya'll had a good new year... c :king:
  6. aiight... i heard we have a friend thats sick... anybody know where feb is hole'd up at?? :huh2: i wanna go n visit him... ...get well "FEB"!!
  7. :gaga: yo.. demizzle.... where u @? been weeks... wherez Feb?? someone tell him to call me... one c :king:
  8. haha... whats funny is your in our thread...LAWS crew!! VATOE rep'z HARD.. yo paser... good lookin on them trains... sup to Codak too.. ...i plan on meeting you guys sometime soon i havent posted on here in a minute... but im glad to be back on the forum.. holla CIEN63 LAWS...
  9. B O M B

    sub_scribe df

    Yo i want to peep some more werk by these cats any one got a good site to peep more of Subs Werk? :rolleyes:
  10. Clogged Caps 4 ...march 2004 Its a big-ass state alright... ...and its also the home to the next Clogged Caps 4 graffiti Expo!!! AND IF YA DON'T KNOW NOW YA KNOW!! Better ask somebody... ... better ask somebody if you can come down and paint!! We are already on the prowl for next years artists. We will be asking most of those who have joined us before to come on back, and we're also looking for some new-be'z to come and peep the show. San Antonio is gonna be hott that night!!! ...sending a lil shout out to all them wild wild west headz in my crew!! and also to the members around the U.S. Laws crew REPRESNT!! LifeAfterWildStyle@hotmail.com ...is the email addy for those with questions. HOLLA:king:
  11. :D ...did I miss opposite day again!?!? I hate when that happens.
  12. LAWS crew http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400438366_003P.jpg'> http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400438366_002P.jpg'>
  13. LAWS crew Cien63 http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400438366_001P.jpg'>
  14. :D haha... that first one is a little something that brings back a bad memory... a few weeks after painting that one I got busted painting fr8s... lmao... "can't I.D. Mr. Six Three" huh... well i got I.D.'d all right! Hahahaha.. oh well. :rolleyes:
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