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  1. Tagbanger


    ..... The 925 has no talent... and if it does.. prove me wrong..
  2. ..... the e2e... was done by natrl and chez.. funny how fools tag on the buff to get in the pic..
  3. ... must be nice to have beer that tastes like paint:D
  4. ..nice post... that natrl gets props... u got the piece that was next to it?
  5. ..beef... i actually like what pase did... not like he isn't a toy.. but he sure as fuk made his point. I think it's a fukt up thing to dis a piece with a throw up but regardless he stuck it to awe. I wonder what pushed him to go over awe and i hope there is a good reason behind all this. Also he didn't dis WCB so the crew should stay out of it.
  6. Tagbanger

    low seratonin

    ... if u were closer when taking a picture of that dice this thread would be better
  7. ...good shit.. nice freights.. but u must be mistaken cus there ain't no fukin natural up in this shit. :idea:
  8. ... colt45 does rock a lot of freights.. but i've been seeing more of them dissed lately.. they seem to have "toy" writen threw them or all over them. Averaging about 1 in every 5 is hacked. Fuckin haters... leaving messages like "get different style"
  9. ..game over.. i know where u got that black tee shirt at.. i like the white ones better personally
  10. ..charges... petty theft x2 vandalism x4 (most dropped or reduced) Minor with alcohol Assalt disturbing the peace x4 Dui Possesion of contorled substance x2 Fraud Probation violation x2 Breaking and Entering Tresspassing and some more shit i'm sure.. fuck public defenders and never take the first deal!
  11. ...sick shit.... props to mr. wonka on the post... some nice flicks... and yeah maybe the whole north cali lords style is getting a little old, but i prefer their shit to all the stupid european bullshit that kids are into now a days.. I would name a few but i'm sure my point has been made.:lol:
  12. ... wonder if this guy is sick of doing the same style.. cus i'm sick of seeing it... not that i've ever caught one of his freights..
  13. Tagbanger


    ..chromies.. i remember comin up on those all day. The mall was the best place.. but once i got one off a firetruck, it was red and that shit was one of the hardest things to do, since as soon as i got the first one tucked a firefighter came around the side of the truck...
  14. ...colt45... colt45... he puts in work and for that i give him props... but what's this shit about not sending destroyer back? dest vs colt??:confused:
  15. ..dope freight.. kansr...dice...nytmare.....:D
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