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  1. How do Chinese people name their kids? Throw a pan down the stairs. What does a black kid get for his birthday? Your bike. What do you get when you cross a nigger and a spic? Someone too lazy to steal. Why do black people smell? So that blind people can hate them too. What is the worst 3 years of a niggers life? First grade. And now for the big finish... There's a classroom full of kids. The teacher ask for a volunteer, and a white kid raises his hand. She asks the child "What sound does a cow make?" The kid replies, "Moo, Moo." Next, the teacher asks for another volunteer, and again a white kid raises his hand. "What sound does a horse make?" He responds, "Neighhh, Neighhh." The teacher asks for another volunteer, and this time a black kid raises his hand. "What kind of sound does a pig make?" she asks. He replies, "HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK, MOTHERFUCKER!!!!"
  2. Butter Cheddar Cheese Cream Cheese Lettuce Tomatoes Onions Peppers Pepsi Moet & Chandon Heineken Becks Milk Orange Juice White Bread Peanut Butter Salsa Sour Cream
  3. Homeless people. I have nothing against them, but they smell awful. One time when I was 7 or 8 I was outside my house on the front stoop, and some scary looking bum came up out of no where and asked for a glass of water. I got it and gave it to him, and as I got closer I caught a whiff. He smelled like ass, sweat, vomit, and piss, which he also proceeded to do in his pants as he drank. Scarred me for life...
  4. fuck this post. also fuck the fact that when 12oz bombed out, i lost almost all of my posts and am now a rookie again
  5. Re: fotango sucks http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00286985f00000016.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00286985f00000018.jpg'> These are fucking dope...
  6. That character is ill "Ask Beavis, I get nothing Butthead." - Big L
  7. Aaaaahhh so confusing...I've memorized every train line and almost every bus route in boston...i guess you have to live in that city to understand the train routes
  8. Hahh.. It only took about 10 posts to actually get a picture of a hooker infront of graff...
  9. grafkat


    Re: -412- http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00210487f00000054.jpg'> Liking the Mook, hot dead letter shit... "6'4'', and I'd fuck the shit out of a midget." - Copywrite
  10. Re: ANOTHER ARTICLE Great Article!!! I've only been to Seattle once, but the graff there is thorough, and the citizens hate it so much I laughed for hours! I did realize that it was quick to be cleaned up however. I was near Pioneer Square, where Kaws hit up some fence with a dope throwie, and was buffed the next day. One building near Broadway even took the liberty when painting over some Graff to make an X over the piece, not totally painting over it, but probably just as a message to try and piss the artist off. Fags....
  11. Re: ok here ya go... Who cares?? Thats a fresh one liner... "It's like getting stabbed with ice, then watching the evidence melt." - GZA
  12. Nothing like rolling a fat blunt on one of your sketches...
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