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  1. looks like my POINTS pissed you off seeking, i said MC EIGHT not MC EIHT second i am FROM AMERICA i moved to GERMANY. If you want to say Hip Hop is rap then techno is country. Gangster rap is lame as fuck "yo nigga i shot dat bitch fuck dat cop i hop dat shit" "Yo yo yo i be dat gangsta from the 618 repping crips up here motha fucka" "yo i b eazy for you too shoot wearing timberland boots" LAME ASS, if you think gangster rap is cool then shoot yourself it's lame. fucking ey i cant believe kids think gangs are cool still. you probably write gang symbols all over and sag your pants and shit wear
  2. okay, for one Hip-Hop isn't rap, that is like saying METAL is like HARD ROCK and Country is like BLUES or Classical is like INSTRUMENTAL, learn you genre's kids. true hip hop is like Dramacide, Kweli, KRS1, J5, Dilated peoples, Akrobatik, Edan, Esoteric, Binary Star, Artifact, The Arsonists, Arsenik, MC EIGHT, etc.. Their music is TOTALY Different then Ludacris, Jay-Z, Nas, Master P, Etc.. It's a Different Genre. If you think RAP is HIP HOP then start telling people Back Street Boys and Jay-Z are in the same catergory, or Garth Brooks and Beethoven. Before you start talking shit, please l
  3. you're probably one of those kids who claim Tupac Shakur, Nelly, Big Timers, Master P, Etc.. are Hip-Hop. And Gangstar Rap is NO WHERE NEAR HIP-HOP. Learn Kid. Quit Contradicting Too.
  4. Hip-Hop 'Aint Rap - KRS-ONE Get it through your heads, the media is wrong, again. MTV, BET, MUCH, VH1... Rolling Stones, Etc.. RAP is a corrupted industry, hip-hop is a culture, a lifestyle. It's not about bling bling, sex, ho's, gang banging, crips, bloods, ice on your wrist, it's not about wearing jerseys and baggy blue jeans. it's not just black artists but a wide range, whites, hispanics, asians, native americans, even arabs. hip hop consists of the 4 [main] elements. Which since i've found many writers do not no, but they're "graffiti" "djing" "mcing" and "break dancing" in
  5. I see just x's. STOP THE WAR WITH IRAQ. Anyways... Motosoul needs to get fixed, i want to see non stop Graff from detroit.
  6. :D ://bump! shit rocks. keep posting more IGES flicks.
  7. making homemade drip markers? what do i use to poke into the nib and make it drip and how all do i do it!%)#& lol i dont know where to poke and shit. anyone got clues?
  8. :king: tokeo's a king :king: why'd ya put rip ESC? the crew dead? im not up with the 'graffiti times' so i don't know what's happening with mid-west shit anymore.
  9. abit

    made u look

    hot post hot shit, tokeo is the shit, i saw one of his Red and Black bombs wo0p. MUL hitting all trains in the midwest.
  10. Originally posted by FrickEwe 'shopping' spree for crappy paint and markers tears*uno you're a ------- idiot can your read? the kid said it was crappy, why the hell did you repeat what he said? trying to be a bad ass? tears*uno(:D): hahaha..you have a black zig... and probably use it... that paint sucks too didn't he just say "spree for CRAPPY paint and markers" kids trying to be bad asses online. tears keep trying to bite your ear.
  11. Fuck the toy photographer what the hell is wrong with you kids. constantly taking pictures of gang symbols. Gang Writing is not Graffiti related keep it off the site, that's the shit that gives graffiti a bad name.
  12. hot shit hot shit, Projekt: AS2k2 wo0? keep posting those flix.
  13. what's graffiti? (the kwik.abit opinion):idea: many of the new generation writers never read, looked up, or know what graffiti really is, kids think "oh it's just writing on a wall", wrong, graffiti, the first of the 4 elements (the basis of hip-hop) is more than just spray painting, it's a lifestyle, hard-core, die-hard graffiti attics live by graffiti, spending all day at school, work, or home thinking about graffiti, drawing graffiti, preparing for graffiti. many kids think racking paint is cool, it just shows how poor you are. racking paint is un-cool, the new graffiti movement isn't
  14. L.RonHubbard .. quit being jealous because detroit writers have more than 1 friend/tagging buddy, and it's not just in detroit, it's everywhere. crack head :D ------- kids talking shit about good writers when they arent as good. w3rd to the kings :king: post some more flix :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:
  15. abit

    INDY 500

    Every train in the mid-west I see has MUL on it ahahha most of it coming straight from INDY. I was out in a yard one day and saw a phat ass TOKE bomb, red black and white on a yellow car. Hot hot hot. Keep posting his pics.
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