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  1. i got an airbrush and compressor for my birthday, haven't ever used it. i think it's expensive. gotta spend money on lessons or something before it'll become useful, but i don't see that happening too soon
  2. pretty? one of the comments about throwing them at cars is interesting
  3. keith and lottie duno if they still have them though
  4. obviously this blew my mind when i found it was sold in perth. amazingly amazing
  5. though heaps of shit happened and much gnarlyness was observed, this picture sums up my day pretty nicely
  6. PETER CAVE: Perth is counting the cost of Australia Day celebrations marred by an extraordinary level of violence and drunkenness. Police admit that they were taken by surprise as the day's festivities on the Swan foreshore degenerated into a series of brawls, one of them involving hundreds of people. A ban on alcohol failed to have the desired effect, and the State Government is now considering how to give stronger powers to the police. Our Perth reporter David Weber was there for some of the mayhem. (sound of fireworks exploding) DAVID WEBER: It's estimated there we
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