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  1. http://www.fototime.com/{304D6877-13BF-4A4A-B3B0-EBE7AE0D39D2}/picture.JPG'> http://www.fototime.com/{FA3E921D-B3A3-40BF-94A0-3D7FBD69DDCD}/picture.JPG'>
  2. http://www.fototime.com/{02AC301D-9819-461D-815D-668A3DD0BB99}/picture.JPG'> DUMBO 2001
  3. i dont wanna get to involved here but americans saying how their trains would only run for a morning, london was exactly the same. its only in the last few months commuters have been gettin so battered that things are running so much. i think freghts are nice to paint, you have the time to drop somthing more detailed an its not likely to get buffed. english freights get painted a LOT. i see shit from all over in my yard. all the stuff about U.S commuters gettin done but no one releasing fliks might be true, but surely somones gonna release fliks? nuff of you seem fuckin eager to get ya freight fliks out. an if your cops are so on the ball, what the fuck was that cope2 KD video about?
  4. i had to post this http://www.graffiti.org/dj/7-9-2001/large/astek.jpg'> what a fuckin master
  5. fuckin hell, so many haters on this board. all those who so quik to diss, who da fuck are ya eh? you aint postin up your shit dont diss somone that does. for ya first time it aint bad, i dropped a lot worse stuff when i started. one thing tho is that i did it on walls, you wanna get out there an bomb. sketch before you paint anything, that way if your happy with it on paper you can spend some time an get it that way on a wall.
  6. if you walking along a street and a cop car pulls up next to you its not all that easy to ditch your bag. you gotta see em comin cos soon as they see you they trained notice when you stick the bag of weed in ya pants/bag of paint under a car. nuff times ive done a dub a stashed the left over paint so i dont have to walk home with it at 3 in the morning. if a cop stops you an you got paint you either run or hope to get lucky
  7. just say you copied the tags thinkin you were cool. oh yea, bombin friday nights can be proper good, police have got a lot more shit to worry about. can in ya front pouch an fuck some shit up. if you got a spot to do a dub or piece then do that first, catch tags an throwups on ya way home. no point puttin the place on a hotters before you got what you went out for
  8. i think both are important. it aint like its usin more paint to do a tag with style. get it good on paper, then get it the fuck up
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