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  1. when i first started (92 and not in Melbs) paiting there were about six large walls that were easy to get to that anyone could just paint any ol time. It worked for the city, there was fuk all street bombing and graffiti was contained to just painting the lines. But there was shit loads of beef with toys, any lazy cunt with a can of chrome would hit these walls and there was no idea of quality, there was beef and bad vibes because of them so it is a tuff call. The thing is you may find that you will need to beat down some toyz early on and deal with some wannabe stencil kids who don't value and respect a burning piece. Do it straight up so shit doesn't get out of hand. One other place i went would buf their (legal) walls every month, this meant there wasn't long to wait for a space to open up and stopped some of the who goes over who politics.
  2. I got chased from painting some tennis court walls at a school, due to the school being broken into and getting all of their computers stolen in the same night, just a bad co-incidence. A similar things happened while i tried to paint rooftops in a city centre location, i laid down on this roof til sunrise while cops and private security were on the ground looking for dudes who smashed up store windows. I fell asleep waiting for them to leave.
  3. i have several permanent health problems , mainly from painting in enclosed spaces, that are due to not wearing a mask, the worst is a fuked up throat, always feels like shit is burned inside.
  4. i loved those don't trash the natti signs...
  5. mr. ivo i know you're main focus is trains, do you want any wall flicks?
  6. Re: new pnl's very fresh, much nicer style than most other people's panels i've seen running recently big ups.:freak:
  7. Re: A true American's words... do you think there is a difference between "euro style" and naieve graffiti? Euro style has become very popular around where i live though i generally don't dig it
  8. yeah, why don't we have big jams? because aussies prefer to diss people who go to that much trouble to paint. I would go hard to get some major stuff happening but there are few people willing to be a part of big productions that i know, i think there is too much tall poppy syndrome, everyone else is a little lazy... i think there is too much tall poppy syndrome You need at least a few unified people to pull it off in a major way
  9. Re: kindergarten 101 mate yo Zina, no diss mate, you paint heaps and will start to get better pretty quickly but like Al Green said, letter structure. Think, if i did this piece in just chrome would it be cool, pay attention to simple, funkier forms and work up to it, keep an eye on some of those awkward 3d's and shadows, when you get them a little more consistent you pieces will start to stand out... Props to you for going for it, it will start to click for you soon enough and if you keep painting as much as you are now it will be cool have fun, peace:)
  10. threads gone bad would it ever be possible to just post flicks? anymore classic puzle and dma/wca steel out there, i know there is shitloads, Melbourne has definitely spat some awesome writers, even after travelling i still think Melburn kicks ass... for style, quality and originality
  11. smelly aussie backpacker http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/scribblejam-02/sj2002-30_x300.jpg'> sear tsc, true 54 akb and beta from brissie at scribble jam first piece in ages, on holidays visiting some mates in the states
  12. god i love this stuff... i believe that there was loads more energy that went into early aussie writing, more thought... i mean doing such fresh stuff with aussie brands of paint was alot harder, more time consuming and basically took more skill. Don't get me wrong i love the progression that has happened, new styles and techniques, but just speaking generally i think there was more attention paid to pieces from that era and the respect i have for the people who wrote back then is undying. Now anybody can buy some good paint, a mag, some fatcaps and blowup their ego and some sloppy spots... i just love that old energy
  13. barefoot aussies http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/scribblejam-02/sj2002-30_x300.jpg'> sear tsc from he 'natti, true54, and beta going 'walkabout' a little different to most of the other styles ... i didn't notice all the shit that went on at scribble, seemed like a pretty fun gig to an outsider
  14. does anyone have a decent flick of the SEAR, TRUE 54 and BETA join up with the Magritte character in the middle?
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