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  1. http://www.meyor.com/stuff/mj.gif'> Mj was up on that shieet
  2. Re: what about drugs? youll find some opium for shOw
  3. MAYOR

    catchin reyes

    i believe its REY-ES like king in spanish and add a es' REY/ES exactly how it sounds
  4. MAYOR

    Dmn Atk colab

    RETRO N JAWS ALWAYS BRINGEN THE HEAT..BIG UP SALINAS p.s that RETRO scribb is off the hook
  5. i agree i do see all your guys points.. but that doesnt mean everyone has to agree to your opinion.. in my honest opinion.. i say do whats best for the country .. if bombing iraq is best then do it..as someone said above.. we havent faught in american soil in for ever.. i think its time to get off our asses and start wrecking shit.. money and entertainment and drugs has taken over the past years.. time to do some old fashion middle east bashin..i'd love to see tanks roaming around my streets.. would make for a good photo edition to my web site :D
  6. i guess were just fortunate to have the good life :king:
  7. sure .. ill just tell the magik wizard to do that ..hocus pocus.. quicker solution .. ride a bike.. save the U.S
  8. PASSENGER 1-radio head-karma police 2-terror squad-whatcha gon do 3-foxy brown (ft havoc of mobb deep)-the promise 4-guns n roses-november rain 5-twista-mobsters anthem
  9. who the fuck cares .. most girl in columbia get married @ age 13 and have 4 kids by 16.. why should you care how many abortions or misscarriages this girl has had.. worry about your selves..not some 16 yr old girl ..also it says and i QUOTE It is not known whether all 10 pregnancies were by the same man or a string of partners. " so whats the problem? Theres a ton of married couples who have trouble having kids and go through way more then 10 pregnancies and misscarriages ... juss my 2 cents. all in all whudda whOre bag..bitch likes the dOng..
  10. MAYOR


    im sure you should of thought of this before u posted your ignorant comment.. he who never made a mistake never made a discovery.. My best wishes man.. reading this i cant even imagin what i would do without my mom.. But just keep your head up ..i feel for you i really do man.. R.I.P
  11. http://www.meyor.com/stuff/bush.jpg'> im sure he does it for ths kids...
  12. i dont see why peopel get all uptight about not posting flix you didnt post any he started the thread with the same intentions you did.. to see southern graff.. .. :rolleyes:
  13. MAYOR


    nuff said.. TOYS rOt ..
  14. MAYOR


    that SHORE looks liek a JAWS ATK riznip
  15. MAYOR


  16. MAYOR


    your welcome.. ..but its better then a post full of nothing.. you cOck smOker
  17. MAYOR


    http://www.meyor.com/graff/57.jpg'> http://www.meyor.com/graff/58.jpg'> http://www.meyor.com/graff/59.jpg'> http://www.meyor.com/graff/60.jpg'> http://www.meyor.com/graff/61.jpg'> http://www.meyor.com/graff/62.jpg'> http://www.meyor.com/graff/65.jpg'> http://www.meyor.com/graff/63.jpg'> http://www.meyor.com/graff/64.jpg'> what seems to be a unfinished Jase and Neon
  18. MAYOR


    http://www.meyor.com/graff/50.jpg'> http://www.meyor.com/graff/51.jpg'> http://www.meyor.com/graff/52.jpg'> http://www.meyor.com/graff/53.jpg'> http://www.meyor.com/graff/54.jpg'> http://www.meyor.com/graff/55.jpg'> http://www.meyor.com/graff/56.jpg'>
  19. what the fuck are you talking about? ill let my grandfather take care of it .. graffiti is vandalizm if you liek it or not.. dont be crying about spots..just be thinking about what your gonna hit next..
  20. kinda lame.. so im sure it was not cool on SEEN's part to bomb the holly wood sign?.. or if someone bombed the white house?.. your showing to much heart wOosy ..
  21. Re: salinas your right there used to be tons of lines..now your lucky if you see one .. ill see what i find today .. hopefully some FTL's or TITS
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