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Everything posted by DO-NOT-HUMP

  1. that case is off the hook, loving his style!
  2. from the land of the igloo and hockey i hope this works, if not, sorry, i'm a toy when it comes to the internet......http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400442647_001P.jpg'>
  3. an oldy but a goody hope this works! if so, KABOOM! http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400437477_001P.jpg
  4. toronto keepin it locked down like usual!!! there's always something new and fresh to stumble upon, so many gems all over this place! i swear it's the most underated city!
  5. thats just some nasty looking shit! get some skills already wade!
  6. those yards carry some serious catches! forest shitty
  7. "the newest member of our crew" pic, the new member looks like tic tac
  8. that tars is hot!!!!!! burnin down tha house
  9. damn, that e2e self, causr and rony is mad hot!!!!!!
  10. canada's slept on, thats for sure, but those who know will tell you it's super tight
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