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  1. MR Who a blast from the past. Same with the older nope hand steez. I remember him and meak on there come up. No Doubt.
  2. Id rather see colt up then boner...
  3. Turning this is into a us vs them thread is really fucking dumb. Philly has there unique style and NYC has its own thing respect to both. I think it takes a trained eye to really understand either of them.
  4. so true. Bode, mickey mouse, popeye, zoro, marvel comics on and on.
  5. That Tame is not the same tame from the artifacts. Artifacts were the shit though.
  6. Bump for that sew piece-burgandy and my lil homie enrok.
  7. exessive self promo is wack to me.
  8. Dane im king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dam thats tight
  9. sire be a mad man. good look sf1
  10. What about the other pieces next to that sire.
  11. Montana is great for tags. no bullshit.
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