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  1. CamS

    .com2 to ya dome!

    black and whiteiiiiizzzeeeeeeeeeee
  2. CamS

    .com2 to ya dome!

    merry christmas..well belated christmas..shit pics up in a second
  3. CamS

    Rase Blackbook!!

    garbage..go to toy section please
  4. CamS

    met a musal?

    feelin the new stuff man..as always really likin the simples.. oh and just because i can..and i was bored...mind the slopieness i did it in like 5 minutes
  5. CamS

    .com2 to ya dome!

    well musal decided to brighten up the blurry pic..so ya here it is.. in living colour
  6. twist i caught in vancouver
  7. lucky bastard..haha..i wanted to see them in vancouver, but it sold out in like 4 hours...and i have that song on bootleg.. umm , ive only seen them live on video..and man, i wann be in the crowd when that shit goes down..and if anybody wants anyvideos from either atdi or mars volta just pm me.
  8. CamS

    .com2 to ya dome!

    no offence but whys ur shit here?...put it somewhere else
  9. just because all the cool kids are doing it
  10. ya atdi adn tmv are easily one of my fave bands ever..as for tmv's lyrics..i understand 70% of what they all mean...most of the words are just poetically writen, cedric had loads of help from band mate jeremy ward (rip)... who was a poet/artist himself. as for tmv now, omars lil bro joined the band on bongos/congos..but u can tell with jermeys passing cedrics lyrics have well become more easy to comprehend..ill try and find the link to there new single of "francis the mute"..its called "the widow" im sure if u type it into google ull find it
  11. CamS

    .com2 to ya dome!

    a lil bit blurry ..tried again..i hate technology
  12. CamS

    .com2 to ya dome!

    ill end it with a simple..
  13. CamS

    .com2 to ya dome!

    i dont even know what the fuck i was thinking
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