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  1. "and raves are for candy kids, no matter how fly the girl on the promo in" not a rave... just a high quality outdoor/indoor music event at a club... you can hate all you want... but if you come u will like it... promise. peace-
  2. http://abstraktentertainment.com/logic/_images/e5_big.jpg'> A Holiday Midwest tradition is upon us again, The Loco Bros, Abstrakt Enterprises & Wishing Well Productions present… Enlightenment 5: The FINAL Chapter Friday August 30, 2002 Labor Day Weekend Cincinnati, OH At the Waterfront: Capacity of 2500 - The Sunset Room, Club Rumba, Coconut Joe's & Las Brisas. The most exotic venue this far north of South Beach! This is an outdoor/indoor music festival consisting of three clubs on one barge on the Ohio River... Please visit: http://www.abstraktenterprises.com to see the fliers and purchase tickets online. Featuring nearly 30 performers... Six Time World DJ Champion!!! D J _ C R A Z E The Allies. Miami, FL. Visit http://www.djcraze.com Unquestionably the #1 Dj in the World! Craze's blend of hip-hop, breaks, drum & bass and turntablism is untouchable. His tours have included the largest North American Drum & Bass excursion - The Kung Fu Knowledge Tour, the 35 date Mixer¹s TGIM Tour with DJ Infamous, and extensive dates worldwide... Jamaica, Australia, Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Canada and more. Featured on the January Cover of URB Magazine and the October 2000 covers of Mixer & DJ Times. Three Time World DJ Champ! D J _ I N F A M O U S The Allies. Miami, FL. Visit http://www.the-allies.com Not only is Infamous Dj Craze's partner in crime and tour mate but he is the back bone of the Allies team routines. As the acting president of Turntable Thugs Inc., Infamous is one of turntablisms most innovative Dj's as well as the entrepreneur. **PLUS A SPECIAL GUEST: SURPRISE TURNTABLIST TERRORIST TBA Son of Rock Legend, OZZY OSBOURNE L O U I S _ O S B O U R N E Birmingham, England. http://www.louisosbourne.com Q – B U R N S _ A B ST R A C T _ M E S S A G E Orlando/San Fran Visit: http://www.q-burns.com Featured on the OM Records tour with Cut Chemist Peanut Butter Wolf & Prince Paul. Q-Burns was actually the first US DJ to ever play in Siberia and has also toured internationally in such countries as England, Germany, Iceland, Chile, Australia, and Russia. T I T O N T O N _ D U V A N T E New York City/Columbus. Visit http://www.titonton.com This may be your last chance to check out Titonton’s style as he will be permanently relocating to New York this fall… A rare set of drum and bass, techno, broken beat and turntablism. J A H S O N , _ D A N T E _ & _ C R U N C H _ of _ MOOD Wanna Battle. Cincinnati, OH Visit: http://www.missioncontrolrecords.com The cream of the crop Cincinnati Hip-Hop… After working with Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek, Jonel and many more this trio is soon to put Cincinnati in the driver’s seat of hip-hop. P H A M M I L L Y _ I M P U L Z E _ & _ MC _ U N S E E N from the ANIMAL CRACKERS Soon to be taking Cincinnati Hip-Hop to the top of the charts Phammilly Impulze has opened up for Digital Underground, managed to easily hold down a one year residency at the Overflow and attract an unparalleled crowd every Tuesday night. T Y P E – A Indianapolis, IN Visit: http://www.kulture-entertainment.com Our favorite Midwest hip-hop dj - Featured in Source Magazine. Come see Type-A wreck the decks Hoosier hip-hop style. N I C E _ G U Y _ E D D I E _ vs _ J O H N N Y _ B L A Z E Abstrakt Enterprises & The Loco Bros. Cincinnati, OH Hip-Hop Extravaganza featuring a B-Boy Exhibition by THE BOOGIEMEN Plus Dj's: Dj Who (Baltimore, MD), Dj Moose (Cleveland), Perry Ellis (INdy), Mowgli, Mellowman, LMNO (NYC) & MC Big Matt, Mike Donovan (Dayton), Dj Essa, Cybyerspeed vs Clayborn, Faelix, Djm & Foursqare (Louisville). Event info: 18&UP - This event is RAIN OR SHINE Tons of free giveaways, including MIXER and many vendors! Doors open at 9PM-5AM – Arrive early to avoid lines Fortunes told, palms read and secrets revealed. The Enlightenment Events have proved year after year to be one of the Midwest’s most liked and support events with nearly 2000 people in attendance the last few years. Come and see amazing Hip-Hop & Turntablism meet Electronic music at one of the area's nicest clubs. The Waterfront features: 3 Stages/bars with an intoxicating skyline view and the only beach bar around that has real sand and a hot tub. Swimming pools, boat decks/docks, waterfalls and real palm trees. Rumba features: Exotic ultra-lounge with dance pit, 3 VIP rooms, 2 bars with ice tops, snow and fog machines, bangin sound and intelligent lighting. Hotel Accommodations: Courtyard by Marriott 500 West 3rd Street 859.491.4000 $15 Limited presale till August 28th - $20 at Door before Midnight - $25 at Door after Midnight - $30 VIP Presale - $35 VIP At Door Presale & VIP Tickets will be available at: http://www.abstraktenterprises.com RSVP Champagne & VIP Tables/Tickets available – Email Jamie@fortytwomag.com or call 513.588.6262 For More Info: | 513.736.1881 | 513.588.6262 | 513.665.6572 | | www.locobros.com | www.abstraktenterprises.com | A special thanks to all those who are donating their skills, technology and energy - Without you…This would be nothing more than a flier. Peace & Thanks to all that support our events, turntablism & hip-hop. Directions to Cincinnati: >From Greater Cincy area take 71/75 S into Kentucky and follow main directions. From Dayton: Take 75 S through Cincy towards Kentucky and follow main directions. From Columbus/Cleveland: Take 71 S through Cincy towards Kentucky. 71 & 75 Merge, take 75 S and follow main directions. From Indy/Chicago: Get to 465 and take 65 to 74 E to 75 S through Cincy towards Kentucky and follow main directions. From Louisville/Lexington: Take 71/75 N but don’t cross river into Ohio and follow main directions Main Directions to Venue: Cross over river into Covington, KY (71/75S) and take the Covington/5th St exit on the Brent Spence Bridge. Go approx. ½ mile and turn left on Blackwell. The Waterfront, Club Rumba, Coconut Joe’s, Las Brisas & South Beach Grill 1414 Pete Rose Pier, Covington, KY. Drive through floodwall if you desire valet service.
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