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  1. sorry, not feeling any of this. remember, if its not illegal, its not graffiti. work on some letters and lets see some streetside shit.
  2. No dis factorial, i see you up, and its getting better. Keep rocking shit and try to tighten it up a little. And yes, those same peices under the bridges are fucking garbage! :) That e2e is hot Mikro. Lite bombs=HOT Lite peices=NOT
  3. Did you ever wish that you could live forever? Its wierd to think that someday your life will just cease to exist. Your body will deteriorate and all your thoughts and efforts and joys and tears and smiles and heartaches and hopes will be gone. You probably won't even know it... I try to feel comfort in knowing everyone else has to go through the same, but it does make me wonder if it is worth it. Thinking of all the lives that came before and how you don't know any of them, and all the ones who will come after you and they will never know you. :( :confused: oh well, i've got some more time to think...
  4. dude could burn me, BUT: if it ain't illegal--> it ain't GRAFFITI...
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