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  1. OH SHIT Tell me he is sucking on a guys arm... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  2. kids, don't do drugs, keep yourself literate.
  3. Re: Re: Re: *Rehash* Holy shit, I'm doing a blackbook thing called rehash(it's an inside joke with my friends) and it's a mech/robot thing. That's crazy. I would love to see a thread made by you with your shit, you gonna do that sometime?
  4. He didn't say "um" or "yo". Quite trying to be a smart ass, you suck at it.
  5. Funniest shit I've ever heard. This isn't the, "Who Can Be The Most Illiterate Shit" thread, okay?
  6. Did no one catch this HUGE fucking totem bite?
  7. I liek this one, not for the throw(oh God no), but for the porn in the back :crazy:
  8. You need a fucking life dude, you post WAAAYY too much on her. Everything on this board the last person to post is "TheNewKid". THis is what can ruin a good thread, dumbass comments like "eh?" Get a life.
  9. THat first one should not be in this thread.
  10. If by "xsports" you mean extreme sportsthen: Since when has extreme sports considered and "urban culture"?
  11. ... Nect time learn to post pictures so we can see what it is you want us to poll on.
  12. Why the fuck do you always put a halo of your characters?
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