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  1. sum new whos better than cope 2??????give up? ces ces ces ces ces.....if i have a digi id post ..so maybe someone could do it for me
  2. arts soc..mobb tight daolamite...got anymore fliks of doal, post em i know tha headz got sum talent....influenced me alot in the northwest...keep destroyin kid:D :D :D :D :D
  3. everyones heard tha first and in my opinion only tru lyracist lounge...has anyone seen a A.L. skills cd...what about benifit...the arsonists need to drop sum more shit like they first,,,,fuck gangsta-keep it intelligent---hip hop--for those who know, know theres a difference
  4. thrillride


    anyone ever down by norfuk va?? just got here where do they lay up cars....
  5. thrillride

    my sketches.

    keep it up im feelin the 3rd one where it looks like its breakin out tha box..havent seen much in tha way of that...congrats
  6. socrates you have any suggestions
  7. definately post em...saber emer dyar..and fuckn gkae ...fo shizneazy:D :D :D
  8. yo son theres already a toneone...just thought you should know
  9. what tha fuck? what cant you understand....hiiiiiiiiiiiiiip hoooooooooooop
  10. ook A.L. skills...where the hell can cop a cd?anyone got sum raw underground to suggest wit sum tight lyrics sumtin around scarab, zion i...sum shit like that
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