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  1. In this forum you can make negotiations to trade shit with other people. Have fun. Currently I have.. Basically brand new Element Skateboard. Medium sized, with krux trucks and some nice spitfired wheels. Playstation One, with two controlers and 8 games.. Nhl 2001 tony hawk 1-2 Gta 2 Gran tourismo 2 Nascar Nfl 2001 .....i forget the rest right now.. Some turntables i got for free. Numark somethings..and mixer..(theyre packed away..) Nike air max's black and white brand new, retail at least $100 Sean Sheffey shoes..dvs, brand new... DC shoes, williams? signature model, brand new..blue/grey... Stolen lava lamp, new in box..blue. Lots of buckets of paint..many different colors... Stolen 10 disc cd changer, pioneer, with all hook up equip..(not sure if i want to trade..must be for something good.) Portable phone for house, long distance, with caller id and answering machine i believe...only one year old. Ill post pictures when i get a chance.. Anyone got any good things to trade?? IM looking for an amp for my system if anyone is interested in anything mentioned above.

    GW BUSH "the madman"

    http://www.greatfreehost.com/www/b156/visitors/0814/ltc04.jpg'> Eat a dick.
  3. HAHAHAHHA.. No offense, but my hippie friends never talk about getting on girls or anything really sexually related.... Most of em get off on listening to old dead sets while taking bong hits in my basement. Why is that? You seem to be somewhat of a hippie, got any explanations?
  4. ?? Your five feet tall?? Bodice ripper is a name of this big, strong looking wonder woman that would kick your ass if you looked at her wrong. For now some reason im getting this petite girl with a lolly pop image in my head. But you did punch one, and not slap.....so, i can give you back some dignity... hee hee, jk. Good job on punching people. Keep it up.
  5. I woke up. Did laundry. Watched tv. Ate french onion soup, as usual. Fucked my girl. Ate dinner. Went out and chilled with friends. Smoked a blunt. Watched football. Chilling now. Will paint later. tah duh.
  6. Are you doing? Quit sitting here like an internet fag. Go watch some football. The bears are on right now. Couple beers during this game. When it ends, im going bombin. Get off your ass and do something. Its a friday night for gods sake. ~"TUE"LOW.
  7. My girl said that i smell like ass when i dont shower...old spice when i do. And cig. butts and liquor on the weekends...
  8. I liked the pictures of the suprised goths with makros little captions under them. By far the best.
  9. Im in a very pissed off mood today and all i can think of is breaking shit. Anyways...heres what i got in there... 1.Madcap-these old feelings 2.The damned-looking for action 3. Glassjaw-cosmopolitian blood loss 4. The casulties-Nightmare 5. Lagwagon-violins 6. Redrum-karin anyone...?
  10. IM2LOW4YOU


    Walk away me boys... wipe the golden tear from your mother dear, and raise whats left of the flag for me...
  11. Madcap-these old feelings? Yes please.
  12. ^^ HAHA jah...thats the first thing to come out of my mouth... PIG!!
  13. Giving that tight little as a hard little smack...
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