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  1. ray finkle

    South Bay San Jose

  2. ray finkle

    South Bay San Jose

    how much you wanna sell those wallmart golds for?
  3. ray finkle

    Toronto-> like just above the US

    or maybe you liked it better when ruet lived in san jose and wrote smog veks under bridges. im real glad sever invented funk bar pieces too... they've really done wonders for graffiti. big ups to these crews, causr has toronto fucking killed. don't hate.
  4. ray finkle

    DTC KYT!!!!!!!!!!

    and yeah theres like 30something between the 2 crews, most dont really write. the ones that do have done more than any of you hoes talking shit with your played out ass styles.
  5. ray finkle

    DTC KYT!!!!!!!!!!

    again, fag, kyt aint been in sf for about 5 or 6 years. no ones ripping shit into shit and your boys are shook.
  6. ray finkle

    Bay Area History (90's and Older)

    ahah oh shit, this guys pullin out ardenwood flicks... weso and shit, that takes me back.
  7. ray finkle


    fags like to talk about kyt, but the funny thing is they're always talking about sf.. 1 guy from kyt stayed in sf for a year in like 1997/98. good goin guys, you really "ran em hard"... most of kyt sucks but buket has sick freights, where you think buket got his shit from?
  8. ray finkle


    Re: makes a move goes to san jose destroys all of your shit ahahahha. thats fresh. where's castroville?
  9. ray finkle

    DTC KYT!!!!!!!!!!

    especially like smog and zen and those dudes, what a bunch of toys...
  10. ray finkle

    South Bay San Jose

    where would any of the people he named have ever had access to new york tag style variations in 1987 - 92?....
  11. ray finkle

    South Bay San Jose

    fok had a big influence on the southside scene too a little later. like more printy style shit sorta like sf but way different, probably kinda lords influenced i guess? besides maybe some young taggers or really old guys, theres not much trace of any old traditional sj shit left in anyones graffiti that i see, it all just looks like everywhere else.. some of its kinda like a retarted mix between la and funk i guess, which i guess is pretty fitting of the location and demographics or whatever.
  12. ray finkle

    South Bay San Jose

    yeah i used to have art class with switch... i know what styles your talking about.. that shit is dope... like pointy stroke oneflow shit, thats like my favorite shit still... its a lot different than the east bay and sf flow tags.... its some of the later smog shit im talkin about though, like where he would do a one flow of the top half of every letter, and then do an underline to make the bottom half, and then a lot of that shit where he was mixing old boxy cholo prints + caligraphy + flow styles... using a lot of that airbrush "dagger stroke" streak techniques where it would be kinda like fatcap flares with each line.... i suck at tagging my hand is retarded, but i pay attention.
  13. ray finkle

    Under Pressure 2004

    did anyone get up around town or not really?
  14. ray finkle

    South Bay San Jose

    thats tight, was jbf doin those f's before def?.... i never really saw those f's anywhere in the bay besides san jose back then... also the s that started at the bottom, cant really think of a good example but lords used it a lot, is that one of those s's you're talking about? .... on the southside the only real crazy tag shit i remember was UF crew, lazr and doser would do those kinda spikey boxy oneflows, kinda futeristic, kinda looks like a lot of that half cholo have flow shit that people nowadays fuck with. smog invented a lot of tags in his day, and izue was pretty creative too. i used to like some of those crazy swae connections.. i think the w would connect to the bottom right of the A sometimes or something tricky like that.